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I was too young to see the obvious first time round.

Fave K/S the last scene with Leila Kalomi.....Spock's description of unrequited love as a personal purgatory......

Finding K/S archive is my first step on an epic journey

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Challenges by SORAL179

There are so many times you hear variations on the title strap line in TOS episodes that when I saw it on this website before I'd logged on it made me think that it would be a great title for a fic. 

Who says it and why your choice 

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Kirk and Spock did not get back to the Enterprise quite so easily after erasing the evidence of the US  Air Force's enounter with the ship.

Kirk appropriates military clothing so is believed to be enlisted. The nature of K/S relationship relationship is discovered (your choice how). Spock escapes but  Kirk is looking at courtmartial imprisonment and some serious bad treatment in jail. Remember this is 1960 USA and homosexuality is illegal and imprisonable.

Spock cannot let this happen. He gives imself up citing Kirk to have been under alien influence. Kirk is released, Spock is transferred to Roswell. The crew have to rescue him, with Captain Christopher's assistance

But it's a race against time as the US president is being pressurised to permit an alien autopsy


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Listening to Top Gun sound track it occured to me there are several stories that could be written.  For example, Small town hot summer nights was made for Jim Kirk.

Lead me on has several great lines such as "We met out of time in the reaches of space" and how about  "Walk across the Bridge to the shadow of the night.

And how about, "Take me on your mighty wings and fly."

So how about a few chapters taking a walk through the .sound track

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I would like to see a fic where there is a lot of speculation about how vulcans choose their mates as seen through bridge crew's eyes. Please write this as a flashback as Jim is being throttled, but his view is missing as he passes out at that point. 

But as he passes out his thoughts are revealed and centre round having a thoroughly logical discussion with Spock about their friendship seguing into a relationship And thinking how far removed Pon Farr is from this.

I would also like the T'Pau rehabilitated. I think she wanted a way out for Spock (art ther human) and her glances at bones smack of suggestion and possible proximity telepathy

id like to see a difference between wife and chattel and Spock's choice to hand her over being a way to remove the funding element of possessions. She wants Stonn he wants her with Spock's money. (Wanting not the same as having being a disparity of desires between TPring and Stonn

parting from Vulcan can the words be translated into Vulcan so I have killed my captain and my friend becomes T'hy'la. (This T'Pau had already suspected). Now we know that Spock will give himself up so suicide is not in the cards. We know there is no death penalty for what he had done. He has also chosen to leave Vulcan. Only two conclusions possible one is that there is a full bond and Kirk is dead and he is choosing not to outlive his bondmate (unlikely and illogical so young). Or there is a transferred betrothal bond and this is unconsummated. In such a situation the Pon Farr would not be abated by combat or surrogacy 

So Spock's joy is not just for Jim's life it is the relief that he will not die in Pon Farr because he knows Jim's feeling for him. So after checking in with the bridge and heading to Altair they converse. Spock comments wryly that relationships are not based on logic but passion. Jim comments that that was his other fantasy

The follow on is the meet the in laws. Sarek's comments about marrying Amanda was logical comes from son in law father in law conversation in sick bay. They are all teasing Spock.

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I got hit by an idea for a crazy MPreg angle. It features Bad. Bones who pissed off by his so called friends secrecy about his relationship with Spock. (And maybe a little jealousy) decides to exact his revenge by scaring Jim into believing that he is pregnant. Jim reacts with shock and horror and later anger when he discoveres the joke.  

However it's not such a joke the Atavokron has left Spock with a problem and a partner who doesn't want children. 

Bonus points if this all comes out over a campfire discussion in Yosemite. You can place whether start or end of the relevant movie. Bonus points if you fit in McCoy's line at the end of the Sarpeidon episode and the implication Spock was unfaithful. Bonus points on how this revelation doesn't fragment them or perhaps it does they were not too friendly in the final movie.

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