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I'm a 25 year old female who lives in Colorado at the moment.  I've watched reruns of TOS for most of my life growing up, and find the idea that Spock and Kirk are together the only cannon pairing that has no chance of changing.

At some point I'll try to get some of my work posted here, as soon as I find a good Beta.  I have a ton of ideas and will be posting more challenges as soon as possible.  Please have fun with my challenges, ans maybe I'll actually get around to writng responses to them.

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Challenges by nixishadow

I have read many stories where Captain Kirk is oblivious to the whole Vulcan's use their hands-to-kiss.  Where either Kirk is touching Spock and Spock lets him, or where Spock touches Kirk and Kirk doesn't know that they are kissing.

I want a story (one-shot or Multi-chapter) where Kirk 'knows' about Vulcan phisiology and 'knows' that Vulcans' hands are uber-sensitive and are used to kiss.

I would prefer:

Kirk having knowledge of Vulcan culture, language, and history and being very intelligent overall.  (For whatever reason- but I like to think he learns all the Vulcan stuff because he has to work with Spock and becomes fascinated with it all.)

Spock courting Kirk (ie. touching his hands, either- hoping Kirk knows and will take the hint- or thinking he is being sneaky about it- stealing kisses on the sly).

After Spock initiates the kisses or courtship (whichever way you want it to go), Kirk expresses confusion or frustration because Spock wouldn't just come out and 'speak'.

-Maybe a Spock who thinks he's being sneaky (not wanting to get rejected?) and doen;t realise that Kirk does-in-fact-know...


I would like to see some hot smex- but I like a strong relationship fic as much as anyone.  If you want it to be a three-or-more-some, go for it!

At least one Chess match between our boys- we can't miss out on their games.

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