Penname: mattmetzger [Contact] Real name: Matthew J Metzger
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Why hello there. My name is Matt, and I am a 22-year-old geek in the UK. I am quite mad, overwork myself to a stupid degree, and (according to my housemates) err on the side of ridiculously unhealthy without actually affecting my health (metabolic rates are awesome).

I also write on under the same name, and with other fandoms as well as Star Trek. That is a much more complete archive, because I'm really bad at remembering where everything is.

Edit: Having experienced some extremely nasty bullying in the K/S camp of Trek fandom, including from members of this archive, I am now more or less divorced from it. I write far less K/S than I once did, and generally do not come to the Archive anymore. If you wish to contact me on anything, you can via my website.

Secondary Edit: I am now a published author! My first novel, Our Last Summer, is now available in ebook and print formats, and I'm now working semi-diligently on the second.

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