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I might have to my own challenge but, if I have time but I really want to see this story. I am reposting because it was too confusing the first time around, and the formatting was bad. On to the challenge:

Universe: Abrams regular or Mirror Abrams, (if you can make it work in any other then more power to you. I haven’t seen all the episodes in TOS so I can’t speak to that; I know I am a bad fan.)

Trope: !Bottom Kirk

So Kirk likes Spock, and Spock likes Kirk but he will not admit it even to himself. So at some sort diplomatic mission to New Vulcan Kirk meets another Vulcan male. The problem is that the other Vulcan ends up falling for Kirk, and gets himself assigned to the Enterprise. Of course Spock has to find out. !Bottom Kirk please.

Can be any rating you want and any length you want.

Bonus points:

~The other Vulcan male is someone who picked on Spock as a child.

~Same Vulcan male sees the feelings that Spock has for Kirk and originally hooks up with Kirk to hurt Spock even more.

~Lots of Kinky sex

~Kirk being a “virgin” when it comes to men

Any other things you want to add you want just have fun. I will give Spock and Kirk shape cookies to anyone who gets all the bonus points, as soon as I figure out how to make them and make them look good. ::smiles::

Categories: Ficlets, Fiction Characters: Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, McCoy, Original Character(s), Scott, Stonn, Sulu, Uhura

I would like to see a kid/teen leading to adult fic, set in the Abrams universe, where Jim is a toddler when his mom is transfered to a starbase near Vulcan. She is not the best mother and decides to leave her small son with a childless Vulcan couple. Later she is offered a promotion but cannot take her small son, because of danger or whatever, but the Vulcan women, who has been taken care of Jim and has really come to care for him, says that her and her husband will adopt Jim. After Jim is adopted the family moves next to a family who has a son a few years older then Jim, Spock of course. From the first time Spock meets Jim he knows that the other boy is his T'hy'la but does not know how to express this because he "feels" like it would be very unVulcan of him, or whatever reason you could think should fit. But Jim seems to have talent for worming his way into Vulcan hearts.

Trope: Bottom Kirk


Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Sarek, Stonn, T'Pring

Abrams Universe/AU

Want a story where Wynona is transferred to a star base near Vulcan and has to take a 13 year old Jim with her, she is offered a promotion on a ship a few months later and takes it leaving Jim with a foster family on Vulcan, of course it is Spock and his family. I am looking for a shy Jim that needs some TLC, he was not abused but not really "loved" before. Jim develops a crush on Spock but Spock denies his feelings for Jim to try be more "Vulcan". At some point Spock is really mean to Jim and Jim ends up making friends with one of Spock's "enemies" at their school. The older Vulcan boy, can be a totally original character if the author wants, decides he enjoys Jim's mind, for any reason the author chooses, and decides he wants Jim to be his and uses Jim's idea that Spock hate him(Jim) to help out

Must have please:

Longish story

H/C for Kirk

 A protective, possessive, jealous Spock (at some point)

!bottom Kirk

Mothering Amanda

Other than the author can do whatever they want.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Original Character(s), Sarek, Stonn, T'Pring