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Actually, I seem to be in some kind of a second puberty... :-) Reading slash stories and sighing like a perfect fool, or almost toppling over with laughter.

I have known Star Trek for about twenty years now, having been introduced to it by a girl friend. What I mean is that I didn't actually grow up with it, like so many people ^^ I still find most of the stories intriguing, and I also am a huge fan of DS9. I also liked the 11th film, the one directed by JJ Adams. (Actually, it ignited my "Star Trek fever" again. ;-)

I heard about the K/S slash practically from the start and at first thought it was a damn silly notion, but after some time - and having read some stories - I must admit that the pairing makes a sense of its own. If I get on with it, I will be publishing some stories of my own in the near future.

English is not my mother language, so I would be very grateful to find one or more beta readers! Before I place something stupid online, because writing in another language is tricky, and you never know...

I will wrote more about myself here later. Thanks for your patience ^^

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Of course I know there are many k/s shore leave stories, but lately, watching and laughing about a DS9 episode, I was thinking about this: what if the dialogue therein would be not between O'Brien and Major Kira, but...?

As an explanation: in the DS9 episode, Kira is planning to go on leave and O'Brien shall accompany her, prompted by his wife, because Kira is pregnant with their child and might go into labour during her absence. Learning what kind of place they are travelling to, O'Brien backs out, because he was already feeling too close to Kira recently.

So, this was my idea: Kirk and Spock are planning to go on leave together, Kirk, wanting to seduce his friend, books and plans everything, and only when they are already in the hovercar that shall bring them to their destination, the following dialogue - freely interpreted from the DS9 episode - ensues:

Spock: Tell me about the place we are going to.
Kirk: Well, it's... a gorgeous, about two hundred year old cottage. Filled with antiques, sitting in the middle of a deep, dark forest.
Spock: I see.
Kirk: It has three fireplaces and two balconies.
Spock: Ah.
Kirk: It's about twenty miles to the nearest neighbor, thirty miles to the nearest town.
Spock: Ah.
Kirk: And there's this beautiful view...
Spock: Of what?
Kirk: Of the river. You can see it from every room in the house. At night, when the stars are out and you can only hear the rushing water, it is... one of the most romantic spots on the whole planet.
Spock: That is enough! I am not going.

I leave it to you whether he can convince Spock to come with him anyway, or not, and if Spock does, what might happen or not happen in "their" cottage, and whether this is going to be a short affair or a long, complicated and shamelessly romantic love story... :-)

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