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I'm a nineteen year old girl going into the field of Physical Therapy. I love writing, reading, gardening, and making friends.

Oh, and I adore K/S! :D

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Challenges by KrazieKat2009
Summary: Feature a girl!Kirk who has a heart of gold, and is a virgin. While she is friendly and compassionate, because of a very difficult past (which is up to the author), she doesn't let others too close to her heart. This begins to worry and upset those she befriends (namely McCoy and Spock) because they come to care for her in their own ways and hate to see her alone. Spock becomes determined to get past her barriers once he realizes he loves her, but does not alert her to his intentions initially because he does not want to scare her off. So, as time passes, he slowly slips further into her heart by always being there for her, comforting her, etc. And then when Kirk realizes how much she loves him, she's afraid to tell him or do anything about it because she doesn't think she deserves him. When Spock finds out her love for him, he sets out to do all he can to prove to her he's willing to do whatever it takes to be with her. BONUS POINTS: If there is a scene where Kirk tries to convince Spock he's better off with someone else, and he simply pulls her to him and kisses her until she almost collapses from the intensity of it. MORE BONUS POINTS: If the story starts in the early years of Kirk's Captaincy while she is still getting to know others, if the story is really long, in-depth and shows progression and character development. I am a SUCKER for those kind of stories.
Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: girl!Kirk, McCoy, Uhura
Summary: Star Trek AU. Story can be as long as author wants, though I prefer *long* stories! Spock, still a teen, decides he will eventually join the VSA and never leaves Vulcan for Earth. James, a teen as well, moves with his mother to Vulcan, where she is stationed for the next few years for some reason or other. James is Spock's neighbor, and is home-schooled. Spock becomes intrigued with the Human, who is different from what he expected of the species; Jim is intelligent, friendly... yet a bit introverted and... shy? (For whatever reason the author chooses.) Curious, Spock decides to get to know Jim more, and eventually falls in love. BONUS POINTS: If, while discovering his love for Jim, one or more Vulcan teens (maybe even Stonn and others) want to attracts Kirk's attention simply to anger Spock. But in so doing, they realize Kirk's mind is unique, and some Vulcans begin to want Kirk as their own. MEGA BONUS POINTS: If Kirk is completely oblivious to his impressive popularity amongst the Vulcans (because he was unpopular and alone on Earth and doesn't understand Vulcan culture). BONUS POINTS: Spock, in his desperation not to lose his friend, secretly creates a light bond between him and Kirk, and the bond slowly grows and helps Kirk realize he isn't alone and is loved. WOULD LOVE: Some "heat-of-the-moment" sex between our lovely boys (after Kirk admits his feelings to Spock), with a dominant, possessive (but not cruel) top!Spock and bottom!Kirk who secretly loves Spock's dominant nature because it makes him feel wanted and needed.
Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Original Character(s), Sarek, Stonn, T'Pring
Summary: Star Trek AU. In this realm, both Kirk and Spock are female. (Everyone else are their respective genders). I would prefer a long story, (though the author is free to determine length) focusing on the evolving relationship between fem!Kirk and fem!Spock, from acquaintances, to friends, and then to lovers. I would also like to see fem!Spock become more protective and territorial over Kirk as time progresses (and Kirk secretly loving it). BONUS POINTS: if there is some eventual femslash between our lovely ladies, (feel free to employ toys, creative sex, fem!Kirk's tongue and fem!Spock's talented fingers of course!) and an eventual bonding between them. SUPER BONUS POINTS: If fem!Kirk is... very loud in bed. ;)
Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Chapel, Chekov, girl!Kirk, girl!Spock, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura
Summary: Features preggers!Kirk. I would like for Spock to still be in a relationship with Uhura at start of story. And Jim has secretly been in love with his First Officer for the past year. No one knows of his attraction to Spock, not even Bones. (Though he can be suspicious if you want). During a scout out on a once technologically advanced planet, Spock and Kirk stumble across an old, left behind piece of technology. The technology feeds off of emotional energy to create new life; it senses Jim's utmost desires to be with Spock, and so it activates and causes Jim to be impregnated, with Spock as his child's DNA "donor". Neither Jim or Spock are aware that Jim has been impregnated at first, but soon they become aware. Another side effect of the machine is that it causes the pregnant person to become more dependent on the one s/he has feelings for, so Jim's attraction magnifies, and it takes all he can not to let Spock find out. BONUS POINTS: If Spock, at first, wants nothing to do with the baby because he is with Uhura, but his paternal instincts start to kick in and his attraction to Kirk grows intensely. BONUS POINTS: If Uhura turns out to be mature in the end and wants Spock and Kirk to be together.SUPER BONUS POINTS: Spock becomes possessive over pregnant!Kirk, and finds his pregnant Captain sexually tempting, and gets aroused constantly when near Kirk. MEGA SUPER POINTS: There is eventual (lot of) pregnant sex, and Kirk is a "virgin" when it comes to men. TROPE: Bottom!Jim
Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, McCoy, Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura
Summary: [AU]. Jim Kirk never joined StarFleet. He moved to California to escape his home in which his mother ignored him and his stepfather used him as a scapegoat for his frustration. Instead of becoming a notorious womanizer, Jim has chosen to lead a quiet life of solitude, living in a apartment complex, fixing people's computers and appliances for money. He keeps to himself, unless required to be around others in which he is unfailingly polite and respectful... but he uses his charm as a wall to keep people from getting to close to him. All of that changes when Jim goes to a StarFleet academic event to accompany a friend who goes to school there (not McCoy- who Jim can be introduced to later at author's discretion). Jim happens upon Spock, and cannot help himself from striking up a conversation after having read some of Spock's research in journals. Spock becomes intrigued of the intelligent young man, and wants to know more about him... but getting through Jim's barriers may prove to be quite difficult... K/S romance. No sex needed, but preferred. Would like emphasis on the evolution of their emotional/romantic relationship. BONUS POINTS: Please, PLEASE would like for Jim to be inexperienced in being intimate sexually with anyone (has issues with getting close to anyone enough for sex due to childhood neglect), but nonetheless is becoming intensely attracted to Spock. MEGA BONUS POINTS: Spock becomes patient, but determined, to win Jim's affections... and eventually leads to a lot of affectionate touching, comforting "snuggling", and maybe even some fondling. RULES? Have FUN.
Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, Gary Mitchell, McCoy, Scott, Stonn, Uhura

AU. Academy Fic. Jim's maternal bloodline is that of Federation alligned Humanoid race known as Veenans (Veena for singular), a peaceful, advanced race that are also heavily empathic. Because of their genetic evolution, some are even telekenetic. This species is uniguely united; seeing as all others as "brothers" and "sisters". Also, because of their genetic makeup, Veenans hardly, if ever, engage in sex with someone without a proper empathic bond to keep them stable.  One sign of a Veena is that their irises glow slightly when they are emotionally overwhelmed or excited. Veenu blood is strong in Jim, and after joining Starfleet, becomes infatuated with the Vulcan professor Spock. Due to Spock's half-Human heritage with a blend of Vulcan passions (albeit repressed), it appeals to Jim, who begins making an empathic bond with the Vulcan unknowingly. Spock finds Jim's company- as well as that of Uhura's -appealing. He, intially, sees Jim as nothing more than a friendly aqcuaintance, but overtime the Cadet's intelligence and friendly personality attracts him more and more. Eventual K/S. POINTS: Once Jim finds out he is unconsciously bonding with Spock, becomes horrified that Spock may not reciprocate, and tries to avoid the Vulcan in order to find a way to dissolve the bond. Spock becomes suspicious and won't take the hint to leave Jim alone. BONUS POINTS: Jim's mom is a sweetheart, and Jim confides in her his feelings with Spock, who then helps Jim come to accept what he feels. (Due to Winona being Veena, she is affectionate and close with her son, despite losing her husband at his birth.) BONUS POINTS: Before Spock realizes he's in love with Jim, Jim becomes slightly protective/possessive of Spock. Not violent- just somewhat defensive and territorial. Jim cannot help the primative instincts rising within him, and a few times confuses his friends, himself and Spock by the protective streak that he has over the Professor. PURE LOVE: If Spock's parents come for a Starfleet gala, and bring T'Pring and her family to visit as well. Jim does NOT like it, and gets paranoid/territorial of seeing T'Pring and Spock together.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, McCoy, Sarek, Scott, Sulu, T'Pring, Uhura

Slight AU. Humor. In this reality, James T. Kirk is still the friendly, easy-going Captain that everyone knows and is intrigued by. However, while he is intellectually smart and perceptive at helping/comforting others, he does not truly understand how attractive he is, or the appeal he has to many. Whether it is because of how he was often neglected to his own devices when he was young, growing up being independent and depending only on himself, or just that he doesn't see himself as desireable, Jim has trouble accepting the fact that people can be attracted to him. Sure; he has many friends, and many of the people who were once romantically attracted to him eventually settled for just friendship because he never shows any signs of reciprocating their feelings. And it's not like he is a prude or standoffish- he's genuinely nice, a great friend and confident, and a much respected Captain. However, to one Vulcan First Officer, as he comes to know Jim more and more, he realizes he wants more than just friendship. And, okay, maybe Jim may be inept at confiding in and relying on others due to his upbringing of doing everything himself, but Spock refuses to let that deter him. As he slips his way further into his Captain's trust, he is further motivated. James Kirk will be his, even if he has to show Jim what it means to be loved and desired. Where all others have failed before, Spock will succeed. Eventual K/S.

BONUS POINTS: Cute, oblivious!Jim- one who can acknowledge that someone may be attracted to him, but cannot really figure out... why.

BONUS POINTS: Jim initially sees Spock's devotion and care of him as his duty as First Officer and being his friend.

BONUS POINTS: Jim finds he is becoming unusually fond and affectionate of Spock, which he has never experienced with anyone else before. It eventually takes Bones, Uhura and maybe a few others to to clue him in that he's attracted to the Vulcan.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, McCoy, Original Character(s), Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

In an interesting turn of events, Jim Kirk (Abrams' Verse) gets transported to another Reality (transporter malfuction, alien technology, up to author's discretion). In this reality, when Nero destroyed the USS Kelvin, Jim's counterpart died as an infant. Jim is now on the Enterprise, where Chris Pike is still the Captain, and Spock his First Officer. Both of whom, among everyone else, knows nothing of him. (By this time, Jim has become a more mature person due to his Captaincy, losing most- not all- of his brash recklessness.)

Another major turn, in this Reality, is that instead of Vulcan being destroyed, Nero attacked Earth, devastating the planet into becoming inhabitable and its population all but extinct. The surviving Humans have moved to nearby colonies, some even staying on Vulcan, as it is one of the closest Federation-aliged planets to Earth. Until Jim can find a way to return to his realm- if he even decides to return-(where his Spock is in a commited relationship with Uhura), he has decided to help the people in the alternate Reality.

Guess everyone will get to learn who he is-all over again, including a curious- and single- Vulcan First Officer. Eventual K/S.

BONUS POINTS: In the alternate reality, Bones is still married, Uhura and Scotty are dating, and Spock is slighty more accepting of his Human side. (His mother still lives). 

BONUS POINTS: Spock finds Kirk to be an extreme enigma- one he relishes in unravelling.

BONUS POINTS: Kirk finds this new Spock just as attractive as the one from his realm, yet unique in his own way. However, he is hesitant to let his attraction grow because he may have to return home soon. (Despite this, his attraction intensifies nonetheless as he comes to know the Vulcan who is so much like- yet entirely different- from the Spock in his reality.)

MEGA BONUS POINTS: Until Kirk can find a way to return home (assuming the author wants him to return home), Kirk is given a position on the Enterprise, in order to put his talents to good use. Maybe in Engineering?

ENDING: Up to author- James can stay in new realm to help rebuild/stay with Spock, or return to his realm. HAVE FUN.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, McCoy, Original Character(s), Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

Slight AU. Humor/Drama. Jim is at his wit's end trying to get his First Officer to notice him. It seems Spock will only see him as a barely tolerated Superior Officer, instead of a friend or anything more... Just when Jim doesn't think it can get any worse, there is a transporter malfunction that brings over his and Spock's doppleganger... alternates who are very much intuned with one another. A James Kirk who seems more put together than Jim will ever be, and a self-assured Spock whose devotion and love of his Captain- and bondmate -is inspiring and heart wrenching at the same time.

However, while Jim sees this as an omen, as Fate's way of dangling in front of him a relationship he can never have, it is opening Spock's eyes (finally) to what is possible between him and Jim. Eventual K/S

BONUS POINTS: If, while doppleganger!Jim and doppleganger!Spock are talking with some of the Enterprise crew (maybe during dinner?), Spock says something openly witty, and almost unconsciously James reaches out to caress his hand or something blantantly Human... and doppleganger!Spock doesn't mind! In fact, he reciprocates.

BONUS POINTS: If doppleganger!Jim knows Jim's attraction to Spock, and tries to give him pointers... which end up having hilarious outcomes. (Said advice up to author's discretion).

BONUS POINTS: I want both doppleganger!Jim and doppleganger!Spock (before being returned home) to conspire to provoke Spock's jealously of Jim by having doppleganger!Spock *seemingly* try to seduce or make a move on an unsuspecting Jim...

BONUS POINTS: If doppleganger!Spok gets with Spock alone at some point and describes the pleasures and joys of having Jim as his bondmate. This (I wish for but not necessary) should happen relatively soon after everyone realizes they are together. And from the discussion, it begins to make Spock consider Jim in a different light...


Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

At a social event on a new planet welcoming a new alien civilization to the Federation, Jim is bestowed a "gift"  by the Priestess. For a few days nothing changes, so Jim forgets all about it. However, soon he begins to hear voices when no one is nearby, and when no one is actually saying anything.

And then his emotions begin to go wild; he is happy one moment, then sad the next. He tries to keep it a secret so as to not let others think he is going crazy. He manages to keep these strange changes a secret for a week before he starts to become overwhelmed.

Upon contacting said Priestess, she explains she "opened" his mind and heart. She made him telempathic- capable of receiving others' thoughts and emotions. It is irreversible.

Desperate to get it under control so as not to be too overwhelemed and lose his command, Jim begins to search out Spock's help. With Spock's mental and emotional shields, his very presence is a balm to Jim's new extra senses. To help anchor Jim, Spock allows a small mental bond to develop, so whenever Jim's mind becomes too loud with thoughts, Spock can speak to him mentally and drown out the other voices.

It isn't long until Jim is falling in love with Spock- hopelessly so. The bond makes him realize his attraction to the Vulcan, even while said Vulcan seems only to see him as a Superior Officer.

The question is, will Spock eventually come to feel the same? Eventual K/S.

BONUS POINTS: Would love to see Jim slowly coming to recognize Spock's "signature" mind above others; like he smiles before Spock enters a room, or he seems to know what Spock is going to ask before he does and responds to the unspoken question, etc.

BONUS POINTS: Because Spock's very presence helps Jim's mind and emotional state, Jim begins to unconsciously seek him out. Whenever they are together in a setting, Jim seems to simply gravitate to Spock. (This happens even before they create a link- Jim's dependence on Spock gives the Vulcan the idea that an anchoring bond may help.)

BONUS POINTS: If, at first, Spock is uncomfortable the way Jim keeps finding him and hanging around him (as Jim didn't do so before). Now, Jim seeks him out when he is the labs, or when he is in the Mess, during his free time, etc. But as time goes on and Spock gets used to Jim's unique mind merging with his own, he finds himself growing protective and possessive of his Captain- ancient Vulcan warrior mentality showing itself now that Spock's mind has found its equal... (Not that Jim minds in the least... it's kind of a turn on as far as he is concerned...)

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Original Character(s), Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura