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Welcome to my page, my name is Anita and I will be telling you a little about myself, since you have the time to read I have the time to write. I have just graduated High School, living in California were I will be starting college some time soon were I plan to be a veterinarian due to my love for animals. But my other passion is writing, and combine with one of my favorite T.V shows of all time I think I do pretty well, Its been a while since I have wrote anything and im a little rocky, but hopefully I will get back in to the spirit of things pretty quckly until then I would rather enjoy reading every one elses amazing work!

Always, Anita

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Challenges by Spock_IMM

I have read countless of stories on here that just put mine to shame, but the worst part of it is I have so many ideas and I was wondering if some one would like to take on my challenge. I know the creative mind some of you have are just too brilliant to be tied down by guide lines so I want you to let loose on this one the only thing I ask is that is the Original Characters and its an AU of corse. Here it is and have fun!

My AU idea…

The AU is a little darker then most, my version is two planets in conflict only for one to rule over the other. Vulcan, the successor. Vulcans now warriors, often savage have connected partly with their Romulan ancestry, but still hold their logical outlook on life with a more sinister understanding.

In the year 2268, Vulcan has now ended a long and bloody war with Earth by taking it over by storm, the Terran race now only lives to serve as slaves to its now superior race. But there are Revolutionaries determined to restore the balance that has been lost. James T. Kirk, the sole survivor out of the four the founders of The Underground now fight to gather members and free the human race. At a steady decline, has Kirk’s capture signaled the end for the freedom fighters?

Vulcan is ruled by Emperor Sarek, the one who rose above the ranks enlightening Vulcans to a new age by completing his regime to enslave the terran race. With thousands of loyalists to the Emperor can one man truly bring on a new era of peace and restore what has been lost? Emperor Sarek is known for cruel and cutthroat tactics while his only son, Spock is known for merciful understanding and logic in this dark time can love overcome duty?

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