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I'm 31 years of age, write on under the penname of StarTraveler. I live in Ohio and LOVE K/S. I also have a livejournal.








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Challenges by christina v

Set in Reboot Verse. Jim and Spock are together but Spock had to go through a lot to convince Jim his love is sincere and to give him the time of day.


They are finally happy and Jim becomes pregnant. How is up to you.


I want Jim to be really unhappy about it for awhile but eventually he accepts it reluctantly.



Now the angst...



Jim gets a terrible virus or is kidnapped and brainwashed by a klingon mindsifter or some other reason.



Jim emerges with a total hatred of anything Vulcan including Spock and even worse the unborn child that he carries...


Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: None

Jim and Spock are together but there's not much burning passion and Spock is sometimes an idiot irritating Jim without meaning to and sometimes hurting his feelings by accident.


I want Jim willingly stolen away by Sarek


Anything else up to the author

Categories: Fiction Characters: Sarek