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Hypatia Kosh was born without tact, the victim of years of secret government radiation experiments near his mother's hometown, no doubt. Horribly disfigured by this birth defect, he turned to a life of evil, making enemies where e'er he roams. (Newsgroups and mailing lists, mainly.) Hypatia Kosh is obsessed by a need to "stick it to the Man" even at the cost of his own cheesy fries.

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Sarek and Kirk don't get along. Either TOS movie era or Reboot would probably work. Sarek gets a thrill from getting a discount or a bargain. He likes to brag about how clever he is at investing, but somehow despite all his credits when he goes out with family he manages to stick someone else--Kirk--with the bill. He holds a grudge for not being present at his son's bonding ceremony--but he wanted Spock to pay for his freighter tickets. You get the picture.

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