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Working college girl that works and studies hard, but fics harder and loves a good angsty Trek fanfic <3

I beta and I am certainly not afraid of beta-ing lengthy fics! 

K/S was the first ever TrekFic genre I ever came across. Reading and writing it is one of my passions :)

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Challenges by Sahrgal

Abrams Verse. Keep it PG-13 in terms of their physicality. I want this to be dramatic. Although there can be a lot of leniency so it can definitely R rated considering what your prompt will be:

K/S established relationship then breakup for painful reason of your choice (no cheating though) and not mutual decision. Eventual K/Other or S/Other, but not both. This new relationship hurts the other so bad that he commits suicide. The other never stopped loving the one that committed suicide even though they were with someone else. The death causes them to lose it and follow their t'hy'la in death. I'm looking for real tear jerker. BONUS: Choose caveat lector as your warning and catch some readers off guard. Don't clue into major char. death in the summary, please. Bonus: graphic, detailed

You can choose to start the fic with Kirk and Spock already together and just go from there to have a shorter version, but it would be pretty awesome if pre K/S was included so the arc is friendship, relationship, exs, death. *****Don't write about them meeting in the afterlife. Leave it at the second death and perhaps a funeral with BONUS: Bones giving a heartbreaking eulogy. The longer the fic, the better :) Happy writing!!


Sorry about the "A a 12"... I am just dying to read all the ways you wonderful writers can spin this. I want with everything in my soul for this challenge to be answered <3

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