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An amature writer, artist and game developer who is an all out Star Trek Original series fan.  So a lot of my work will be set in that version. I am a complete Spirk/McSpirk fan as well. I have original characters of my own too and hope to develope a fun time on this site. I am known as TheCrafterDragon on Wattpad and HetaliaDragon on deviantArt. 


Well ill that's all for now. Keep an eye out for some of my newest spirk fics and likewise. 


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Challenges by TheStarDragon

I've only ever seen one or two serious survival situations written and I think it would be a great way for Jim and Spock to really focu their skills, become closer than ever and develop unrivaled trust and love for each other. 

It could be a terrible shuttle crash caused by anything the author chooses or being transported down and some interference causes all communications and means of tracking them impossible. The interference could be anything from an ion storm or some kind of planetary issue. I will leave that to the author. 

This may take place in reboot or ToS universes. 

The location could be a searing desert or a frozen tundra, perhaps even some predato infested fores. 

The length they are trapped there could range from 2 weeks to 2 months. 

It would be great if their relationship builds from simple friends all the way to an intimate relationship towards the middle or so after they start spending this time together. 

At the end the Enterprise and its crew are able to finally save them. 

Good luck, have fun and let imaginations rule! 

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