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I would love to see a story where Jim is the only one who can get Spock thru Pon Farr successfully (in mind & body) but since that would place the Captain's life in jeopardy, they have no choice but to arrange for McCoy much to his discomfort) to watch the whole event either through a vid screen or literally sitting in Spock's quarters to monitor things from getting out of control, becoming forced to intervene on more than one occassion to not only make sure Spock's fever and vital signs don't enter danger zones, but also to occassionally recusitate Jim, repair injuries to his body, and stop Spock whenever he starts to get close to killing his Captain/soulmate.  It wld add to the fun seeing McCoy squirm, complain and cringe w/ having to witness K/S f-king like dogs haha.

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Looking for talented Author's to write stories with the following plotline:  Kirk dumps his long time first male lover Gary Mitchell not long after Kirk first meets Spock. But after being dumped, Gary loses it and goes after what he feels belongs to him - Kirk.

After Kirk dumps Gary for Spock - it causes Gary to become a jealous, possessive, jilted stalker and his anger is exacerbated each time he sees 'his' Kirk w/ Spock to the point that he eventually captures Jim and tortures (not too harshly) and rapes him while he explains that Kirk is and always will be HIS and his alone - and that he will have him one way or another.

Also threatening to kill Kirk so that no one else can have him. Spock, Bones and team race to find and rescue Jim and when they do, Spock and Bones help nurse him back to health and recovery.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Original Character(s)