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Hi- I'd like to see a fic where Spock is hurt/sick, prefereably saving Jim and/or Others (preference for at least Jim) - where the triumverate (Jim/Spock/Bones) is emotional but not overly dramatic (of course most of the feels are of the Jim/Spock variety and prefer epic friendship). Somehow the radiation chamber scence is worked in - that Spock knows how hard it is for Jim to watch him die b/c he's been there. A really desperate Jim would be nice; and somehow, at least partially Bones and Spock working together would be a bonus. I'd like the whole crew to be concered (as they should be) b/c he's become important to them and also there should be that whole self-sacrificing thing, but of course again, mainly Jim w/some Bones. I'm not a fan of the Spock-Uhura thing, but ok if it's background to Jim & Spock, either as current or as freindship. But regardless everyone should know, including Spock, that the most affected person is Jim. In addition to McCoy, I'd like SpockPrime (he's not in the character list) to be at least a secondary character. Ideally a good sized fic, either a really long one shot or up to 10 chapters. Thanks!

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