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Okay, I've read some Kirk/Spock stories that are based on fairy tales like Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast. So why not another fairy tale, a darker one?

"Thousandfurs" or "All-Kinds-Of-Fur" is about the sin of inappropriate love or incestuous love. I'll give a summary here but you should look it up and read the whole tale.

Once upon a time there was a king, who had a wife with golden hair, and she was so beautiful that her equal was not to be found anywhere on earth. She fell ill and before she died, she made the king promise not marry anyone who is not as beautiful as she is and who does not have the same golden hair as her. After her death, he grieved a long time. But then the councilors insisted he remarry for they needed a queen. Messengers looked far and wide but could not find a princess who met both criteria.

So the years passed. But the king had a daughter. After she came of age, he looked upon her and realized she was as beautiful as her mother, with the same golden hair. He fell in love and announced he would marry her. The king's councilors and his daughter are horrified. The princess, hoping to stall until he comes to his senses, demands impossible bride gifts: three dresses: one as golden as the sun, one as silver as the moon, and one that glistens like the stars. Lastly, a cloak put together from a thousand kinds of pelts and fur. Every animal in the kingdom must contribute a piece of its skin for it.

The king was determined though. He hired the most skilled maidens in the kingdom to weave the dresses. And had his huntsmen capture all the animals in his entire kingdom and take a piece of skin from each one. From these a cloak of a thousand kinds of fur was made. Quicker than anyone thought, everything was done. The king presented these gifts to his daughter and announced that tomorrow would be their wedding day. The princess decided her only choice was to run away. She packed up the dresses, three golden valuables, put on the fur cloak, blackened her hands and face with soot before leaving the castle.

The princess walked all night til came to a forest and then she slept. The next day, she was found by the prince of the neighboring kingdom and his huntsmen and dogs. She claimed to be a poor girl abandoned by her mother and father and begged for pity. The king agreed to grant her work in the castle kitchens. Because she gave no name, they called her "All-Kinds-Of-Fur".

When the prince held a ball, the princess sneaked out and went to it in her golden dress, and the prince fell in love with her. The next morning, the cook set her to make bread soup for the prince, and she put her golden ring in it. The prince found it and questioned the cook and then All-Kinds-of-Fur, but she revealed nothing. The next ball, she went dressed in her silver dress and put the golden spindle in the soup, and the prince again could discover nothing.

The third ball, the princess went in the dress of stars, and the prince slipped a golden ring on her finger without her noticing it and ordered that the last dance go longer than usual. She was not able to get away in time to change; she was able only to throw her fur mantle over her clothing before she had to cook the soup. She slipped the last valuable, a golden reel, into the soup. When the prince questioned her, he caught her hand, seeing the ring, and when she tried to pull it away, her mantle slipped, revealing the golden dress. The prince pulled off the mantle, revealing her, and they married. They lived happily until they died.

What I am asking for follows more closely to Robin Mckinley's novel Deerskin, which is based on Donkeyskin, a variation of Thousandfurs. 

The Challenge:

I would really, really appreciate the story being written futuristically. George and Winona of the House of Kirk are the king and queen of Earth with their son Jim as the prince, who they neglect to continue their extravagant and carefree lives. (It is up to you whether to include Jim's brother Sam.) At some point George dies and Winona grieves for a long time. She is pressured to consider remarrying but does not think anyone measures up to her deceased husband. Then at Jim's coming out ball, Winona notices that Jim is all grown up and looks a lot like his father, with the same legendary blue eyes and golden brown hair. Winona announces she will marry her own son, taking advantage of an old forgotten law that permits the royal family, to marry within the family, to keep the blood pure, if no eligible noble person is found worthy.

Jim is horrified and refuses. It is up to you to decide to use a variation of the impossible gifts. But I want to include Winona raping her son, using a drug to incapacitate him. He runs away, cuts off his hair, maybe dyes it, obtains contacts to make his blue eyes hazel, and manages to stow away on a transport to the planet Vulcan, where Sarek and Amanda of the House of Surak are king and queen, and their son Spock is the handsome prince. (It is up to you whether to include Spock's brother Sybok.)

Jim befriends Scotty, who helps him obtain fake identification, and get a job at the palace. Eventually he befriends Dr. McCoy, Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, Gaila, and Pike. Maybe include some canon and original Vulcan characters. Of course, he will meet Spock and fall in love. But Jim feels guilty for the lying about his real identity, and suffers from insecurities from his childhood and the rape. From there the story is mostly up to you and what you want to use from the traditional fairy tale format.

Bonus:Winona finds out Jim's location and threatens war if Sarek does not return him. Jim tries to be noble to protect his and Spock's people by handing himself over. Spock refuses to give Jim up because he loves him.

Bonus: Sarek figures out before anyone else who Jim is and secretly draws up documents granting him asylum. He has backing from other allied planets who consider Winona a tyrant who is unfit to rule.

Bonus: At the end of the story, Jim and Spock either rule Earth or they rule Vulcan but not both. You can also decide on neither. That's where either a sibling or a cousin comes in as alternative heirs to the throne.

Bonus: BottomKirk, TopSpock

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There are a lot of fics out there where either Spock or Kirk adopt a child. There's also stories about Jim taking in his love child. But I haven't seen anyone write of a possible love child for Spock. So here's the challenge. 

In the original series, in the episode This Side of Paradise, the spores caused Spock to become involved with Leila Kalomi. When they were cured, they went their seperate ways.

But what if Leila had unknowingly become pregnant? Unwillingly to force Spock into caring for her and her child, she keeps it secret. But then she dies giving birth to the baby and authorities contact Spock, notifying him of his fatherhood and of Leila's death. For whatever reason, Spock is allowed to keep his baby on board the Enterprise. Baby can be a boy or girl, writer's choice.

Taking place after Amok Time but before Journey to Babel, Spock believes he cannot turn to family for help, does not believe his child would be welcome on Vulcan. So he struggles with parenthood alone. Then Kirk steps up, having experience with small children, and unwilling to let Spock destroy himself with stress, forcing Spock to accept help, not just from Kirk but from other crewmembers. Spock realizes he is not alone, he has more friends then he thinks.

Kirk realized he loved Spock during Amok Time and wishes to be a second parent to Spock's baby. Spock discovers this and slowly realizes he feels the same and wants the same as Kirk.

Then Journey to Babel happens, with the ambassadors aboard and a social worker to check the living conditions of the baby. Leila's parents are challenging for custody, nefarius greedy reasons. Plus, Sarek and Amanda learn for the first time they are grandparents. 


- Must be a happy ending for Spock and Kirk and the baby.


- Leila didn't die, she just chose to give up custody of the baby, not believing that Spock would want a child. When she learns Spock chose to keep the baby, instead of giving up his parental rights, she returns, hoping he would be open to a relationship with her, for the baby's sake, to form a family. Leila is accompanied by a social worker and a lawyer, to pressure him into choosing her. Plus, Sarek insists that not to marry the mother of one's child is a dishonor to one who has given life to the family. As much as Spock wants Sarek's approval, he wants to marry Kirk more. And so fights to keep his child and Kirk.

Bonus: BottomKirk, TopSpock

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I know this idea is not very original but I would like to see a crossover between Star Trek and Aliens. You know Sigourney Weaver, xenomorphs, the eggs, facehuggers, chestbursters, warriors, and the queen. You could use original series (Shatner / Nimoy) or the alternate original series (Pine / Quinto).

The Challenge:

There is a mining colony located on a planet that has regular violent storms that make communications from the colonists irregular and the use of the transporter impossible. Only specially shielded shuttles can transport to and from the colony to a starship. The colonists feel the hazards are worth it because of what they mine, either dilithium or something else valuable. Then the colonist miners discover an old ship, with mysterious eggs inside.

Starships are regularly sent to check on the mining colony. The Enterprise is the one sent to do the next scheduled welfare check. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and an away team of medical and engineering crewmembers take a shuttlecraft down, in case the colony has medical or repair issues. Scotty is left in charge of the Enterprise. Once the shuttle either lands or crashes, they enter the main complex and discover the colonists missing and signs of fighting. Investigating, they discover facehuggers in the labs or medbay and perusal of the logs lead to learning about the ship, the eggs, acid blood, and the parasitic nature of their reproduction. The away team struggle to stay alive until they can find a way to escape or make contact with the Enterprise for a rescue.


The team finds two survivors, two children, a Vulcan boy around 9 or 10 (could be named Sasik) and a human girl around 6 or 7 (could be named Newt / Rebecca). They survived by using the air ducts to hide and the boy using his enhanced senses.

At some point the team ventures into the nest in search of more survivors and suffers casualties.

Someone, maybe Chekov or Chapel, is implanted by a facehugger with an embryo and it is a race against the clock to get that person back to the Enterprise to remove the embryo before it kills that person. (It is known from the logs that removing a facehugger before its done results in killing its victim. When it finishes its task, it removes itself and dies.)

This story must be Kirk / Spock pairing. While they are on the colony, the two realize their feelings for one another. They also become attached to the two kids and decide to adopt them.

Optional: The human girl becomes separated and is taken. Kirk and Spock go back for her, invading the nest and killing the queen.

Optional: The colony's power generators, maybe a thermonuclear reactor, have been damaged and will soon explode, destroying the colony. It is race against the clock to escape before then.

Optional: You can make either the boy or the girl the child of a cousin of either Spock or Kirk.

Optional: For Abramsverse, you can have Kirk's brother as one of the colonists and the girl his daughter, making her Kirk's niece.

Bonus: BottomKirk, TopSpock

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