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I'm a challenger. Love to challenge authours and their imagination and how they can work with others peoples ideas.

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Vulcan males are able to get pregnant. But since ages past it is firmly forbidden. Those males who get pregnant are either forced to abortion and those who refuse are meant to leave Vulcan and never come back. The same goes to their child(ren). Pregnant Vulcan male give off characteristic odor: something close to roses, that’s how others know.

Now Spock is pregnant and Jim is the father. What will they do? Will Spock keep the child? Will he even tell his father after the child will be born?

Decisions are tougher when you’re Sarek’s son and have a human mother.

Everything complicates when T’Pau herself requests USS Enterprise to take her to the biggest negotiations in history of federation and Vulcan: with Romulans. Sarek and Amanda and many other Ambassadors are to come with her.

Spock can’t hide forever in his quarters.

Mpreg K/S slash, Sarek/Amanda


Bonus: I love angst and romance and hurt/comfort and family and lots of other feels.

Bonus 2: doesn’t matter which universe TOS or Abrams…I’ll love it either way.

Oh and if you love long stories to write like I love to read them then please do write a long story.

I don’t want short one shot.

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K/S pre-slash-slash

Spock wants to be a singer. Sarek forbidden Spock to do so and tells him he should attend Vulcan Science Academy. He disagrees and leaves to live on Earth. There in pubs and in public locations he sings for tips. Jim Kirk notices him and they make duet called (name the band whatever you want) but it must be close to word ‘hurt’: because Jim lost someone dear to him and Spock is not accepted in his home world.

Later when their relationship becomes more apparent and they become the most famous duo in the world and universe how will Vulcan react to the first ever Vulcan singer singing about emotions? How will Sarek deal with his son being famous? How will people treat them?

NOTE: I was listening to HURTS "somebody to die for" when I came with this idea. Please use HURTS songs if you’ll be writing their performance on stage or in studio, videos etc. Solo Spock songs are up to you to choose.

Note 2: Abrams universe please

Note 3: Sarek follows Spock's progress as a singer listening to his songs and watching the music videos. Sarek is just not apreciated enough

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First things first my native language is not English so any mistakes are my own.

Now to the summary: (Might be a bit long so bear with me)

Spock wants to be a ballet dancer. Amanda approves, Sarek does not (That could sum it up)

Anyway Sarek is against it from the very beginning but with Amanda’s help he learns how to dance. Unfortunately Sarek distances himself from Spock to that degree that he completely ignores him like he doesn’t exist since he started to dance. When T’Pau finds out what Spock is doing and that Amanda approved of it she throws him out of the Clan, the planet just like Sybok claiming him been too emotional in Vulcan standars. (forgot how it is called in Vulcan but I’m sure you know). Spock now 17 packs his bags and leaves Vulcan but keeps contact with Amanda that stayed with Sarek but she wanted to leave. (why it’s up to you).

Spock goes to the equivalent of Bolshoi in the 23rd century the Starfleet Ballet Academy. There he meets Jim, Nyota, Bones, Sulu, Checov and others. He and Jim in the next 3 years will become closer and they will start dating.(or not can be just friendship, it's up to you)

After first performance before large audience the very first Vulcan ballet dancer ever becomes sort of a legend when on stage. Everyone will want to see him dance. Everyone will know of the best duet Spock & Jim and the others. Even Vulcans. But they'll not be permited to performe on Vulcan! (that cannot changed till the very end of the story)

Then one day (Spock and Sarek haven’t talked for lets say 9 years) Sarek on one of the diplomatic missions will be invited to Opera but there’s a surprise of performance of mysterious dance group (which it will be Spock and Jim and others). This will be the first time Sarek will see his son dancing but will it change everything?

I know it’s long and tells almost everything. Anyway you can change some aspects of this challenge like how Spock departed from Vulcan with argument or not. Did Amanda helped him or not. How his childhood looked like and Jim’s. It can be mixed story with sad moments, drama moments, funny and romantic moments or just sad. It’s up to you. The thing is I love LONG stories, very long stories but if you’ll write something smaller I won’t mind. Everyone can give it a try because I always thought Spock would be awesome ballet dancer! And I couldn’t find any stories about that!

Oh and I'd almost forgot it can be either Abrams universe or the TOS but I think Abrams universe suits it better I don't know why.


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my native language is not English so any mistakes are my own.


Abrams universe only!


Spock cannot control his emotions. (He can but in the eyes of the others he can’t) It angers Sarek and T’Pau especially. When Spock is 7 years of age while on diplomatic mission with his father Spock accidently smiles when other child smiled at him first. Sarek is angered to that degree he sends Spock from the room with words :” And don’t ever come back! You’re not welcomed!”

Homeless!Spock meets homeless!Jim. Spock and Jim are taken care of by Bones, a teenager (at least 15 years old) who is thrown out of his house by being gay (or different reason it’s up to you). Nyota, Checov, Sulu are the same or almost the same age as Spock and Jim and are homeless too.

This is a challenge for a very long sad story either with a happy ending or sad ending.

Bonus points if you make Sarek realize what he has done wrong and try to find his son out there in the big world on Earth while looking (with Amanda's help) in orphanages, morgues, even churches and at the very end homeless shelters for years

Another bonus points if Sarek will establish a foundation for homeless people and other species.

Even more bonus points if he finds Spock looking through trash cans at the back alley of Vulcan embassy for thrown out stuff and then follows him to his “home” and finally sees and tries to talk to Spock.

Spock and others should be on the streets for at least 10 years before Sarek finds them.

 Spock and Jim friendship or slash it’s up to you.

I would love if this story focused on how Spock and Jim and others manage in San Francisco, how they live, where, who they meet, do they try stuff like narcotics and if they do something bad or good what consequences it has.

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Spock and Jim are together. It is one year and a half after the events in Into Darkness. They decide to get married (the human way) on the ship and then ask Sarek and T'Pau if they can be bonded.

But some Star Fleet ships and their crew had some problems. Diplomatic problems. It put Star Fleet Command and Earth in the wrong light. So the Star Fleet Command decides to assign a person who worked in diplomacy to the ship (after 6 weeks of basic training like shooting from a phaser or self defence).

USS Enterprise diplomatic officer (or whatever you choose to call that person) is...SAREK! (as to the attire it could be the same as Spock's. Blue)


Already halfway in their preparations for the weeding, how will Jim and especially Spock work with Sarek? And why did Sarek decide to become part of the USS Enterpise crew? Does this have something to do with Sybok or a rumor that there is a place that can bring anything and anyone back from the dead.

 (All grammar mistakes are mine. Apologize for that)

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Everyone knows how the Star Trek 2009 has ended. Everyone also knows that Amanda Grayson is dead. But is she really?

3 years after the events in Star Trek into Darkness, a Vulcan historian who survived destruction of Vulcan, found on Earth in New York pictures and a journal from XXI century. On those pictures without a doubt is showed Amanda Grayson and that journal clearly belonged to her! She speaks of Vulcans, Sarek, Spock, space travel and those moments right before she presumably died.

Now Spock, Sarek and James Kirk are on a journey to find a way to get back in time and bring her back. Spock Prime comes for the rescue!

This journey is to find and bring back a lost love but also to find a new one.

Spock and Jim have been dancing around each other since Khan and Jim's miraculous return. But can they go one step further? And what of Spock's father? Can he accept that his son will not marry a Vulcan woman he intended for him but the man that saved him and the Vulcan elders?

I always thought that killing Amanda Grayson was (and still is) a grave mistake. I understand why JJ Abrams did it but still, I wish she somehow survived and came back.

So I thought why not make it a challenge? We all know that travelling back in time is possible in Star Trek universe and we know how. Spock Prime knows it also but the trio adventurers have no idea how or if it even is possible.

Firstly I thought I would make a challenge where Amanda is stuck in the transport like Scotty has been in one of the TNG episodes but that would be too easy ;) Then I thought of Q, but then he could easly bring her back so that went out of the window also.

So I came up with what you've just read. Besides who of you doesn't want to see Spock and Sarek in jeans, sneakers, t-shirt and beanie? I do.

I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure

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(English is not my native language.)

Spock is aspiring dancer dealing with stereotypes and lack of acceptance from his father and Vulcans in general.

Since Spock is a hybrid the Vulcans attribute his fascination with dancing to his human part and find it highly illogical.

The only people who really believe in Spock is Spock himself, his mother Amanda, his teacher Jared and his frinds at Intergalactic Dance Academy. Spock is the first Vulcan ever to attend the best academy on Earth, next to StarFleet itself.

Spock meets Jim, Sulu, Checkov and Uhura at his first group meeting. Leonard "Bones" McCoy is the Academy best doctor. No one will have more than a scratch when he is on duty.

Can Spock really become who he wishes to be instead of who he was supposed to become? And will his father Sarek, Vulcan Ambasador to Earth finally accept Spock's choice of career? What must happen to change his mind?



I've got this idea after watching the movie Billy Elliot from 2000. I thought, what if that boy was Spock and he loved to dance? 

What would he have to deal with? 

Where and who would train his dancing skills in secret? I thought of Amanda Grayson herself. I want her to be in this challenge a dance teacher, her primary dancing skill would be in ballet but she would know some basic moves from foxtrot, cha cha and waltz. Since it's the future, I'm sure the Orions, Andorians, Betazeds and other species would have their own dance moves and dance history.

Also that is how Sarek fell in love with Amanda. He needed to learn basic dancing skills and she was the only dance instructor available so she taught him. But she also learned something from him. Long story short, they together and have Spock :D


Anyone who wishes to change some things - go ahead. 

You can use this challenge/idea to create slash story or Spock/Uhura or Spock/oc. 


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I had this idea for a very long time in my head. If a name Michael Flatley tells you anything – good. If not – Google him. In short he is the creator of the Lord of the Dance show.

My favorite version is called: Lord Of The Dance - Feet Of Flames (Hyde Park London) from 1998.

There is also a version from 1996 but the 1998 is a extended one and in my opinion a lot better.


What is the challenge?


Watch the Feet of Flames from 1998 on Youtube and base the fanfiction on that show using the USS Enterprise crew with a twist.

The show is basically telling a story, the Star Trek version would tell a story also but of different kind.


Spock leaves his home planet to join the Star Fleet Arts Academy agaist his father wishes when he is 17 years old. Spock in his youth on Vulcan gained his knowledge and training from his human mother, Amanda who is/was a dancer and a instructor. Her main focus was the Irish dance, since she is part Irish for this challenge.

She knew other classical dance styles and was entrusted in teaching Ambasador Sarek how to dance, for example a waltz. That's how they met and fell in love.


Moving on, agaist Sarek's wishes, Spock leaves home, in his mind, never to return to pursue his dream, to become a dancer and maybe even the Lord of the Dance which is in this universe a title given to the best dancer in the universe. The highest honor, like an Oscar statue.

Spock is training relentlesly with Pike as his instructor in the Star Fleet Arts Academy. Spock doesn't keep in contact with Sarek at all and Amanda sends him occassional care packages. But they don't talk to each other either.


In this universe, Star Fleet is not only a military/diplomatic force but also has an arts department to spread the culture, music, arts of different species around the universe.

Spock learns many things, from various dance techniques, how to act without feeling emotions (he can smile but not feel happy, he can look angry but not be angry etc), how to sing and play various instruments from Earth and from other planets. We know Spock knows how to play piano (The Original Series) and how to play a Vulcan lyhre (TOS).


Forward 15 years and Spock is on the Enterprise, the ship that travels the universe and performs various shows on different planets. For the first time, ever, the Vulcans agree to host one of this shows.

Ubenknownst to Spock and the crew, Amanda Grayson managed to convince the Vulcan High Council and T'Pau herself to host the Enterprise and her crew, to show solidarity, diversity and openes to other cultures. But the real truth is that Amanda knows her son is on that ship. How could she not, when she kept an eye on him all those years and watched various holo vids of their shows. Her main goal is not only to show Vulcans that human acting, sining, dancing is nothing offensive but she wants them to see Spock and what he has accomplished. She only hopes Spock will perform on Vulcan. That is her biggest dream, to see him dance, freely, without being ashamed.


Spock and Jim are thinking what to show the Vulcans to not make any offense. Since Spock is Vulcan (half Vulcan) he thinks of a show that will tell a story of humanity and Vulcans, before they met, Surak's ideaology taking place in Vulcans minds and hearts, humans surviving the Third World War, the first contact, the first contacts of humans with other species, the first human/Vulcan marriage (Sarek/Amanda). At least something around those timelines.


Why do I want to see this challenge being written?

When you watch the Fleet of Flames, when you see Michael Flatley dancing, he reminds me so much of James Kirk you can't even begin to imagine. Their clothes are a bit like taken from the TOS, minus the colors. The warriors (the ones with the masks on their faces), specifically the main one that first dances alone, reminds me of Spock. For a time I thoiught of writing this challenge and making it so Spock would play a Romulan soldier, because if you ask me, their clothes reminds me of Romulans from the TOS. He even gets a cloak later on.


All I ask that you watch it and use your imagination. Think of the dancers as the crew of the Enterprise and see what happens.


The little golden spirit I would like to be Mccoy's daughter JoJo. Mccoy is not a dancer in that universe, he is their main ships doctor.


Jim Kirk: dancer, plays instruments, actor

Spock: dancer, plays instruments, actor, singer

Uhura: plays instruments, singer

Christine Chapel: singer, dancer, actress

Chekov: dancer, actor

Montgomery Scott: plays instruments, actor

Sulu: actor, dancer, singer

Mccoy: ships main doctor

JoJo Mccoy, age 12: learns to dance, plays instruments, learns to sing


Do I want other species present on the ship and perform? Yes. Andorians, Tellarites, Betazoids etc.


Where to watch that show?

It is available on Youtube. But be warned, there are two versions. One is full but the video quality is not the best and there is a modified HD version but has some scenes cut out. I want you to watch the bad quality version first and later watch the HD version for better experience. I usually watch the bad quality version just because it is full. The audio on the other hand is good quality.

If for some reason that video is not available, let me know, I have a copy of it on my HDD and can make it available to you to watch. Search: Lord of the Dance – Feet of Flames (Hyde Park London).avi and the video is 1:53:37 long.



  • Sarek comes to the ships gym and sees his wife and son dancing together the Irish dance. Spock is showing her what he learned and teaching her new moves.

  • Spock and Sarek mend their father/son relationship just a bit

    Sarek's reaction to not accepting Spock's wish to be a dancer I based on the movie Billy Elliot and wish you could do that too if you watched that movie (I know that in the movie the father then takes his son to the ballet school but I want this to be a bit different)

  • Amanda in secret watches Spock's performances on holovids and thinks her husband doesn't know, she is wrong. Sarek watches them too

  • the Enterprise cast will perform on Vulcan in a closed stadium to accommodate the environment change so the dancers won't drop dead after 5 minutes ;)

  • Spock and Jim are a couple and no one knows

  • The singing monks I think sing in latin in the Feet of Flames, in this fanfic I want them to sing in Vulcan and Spock being the main singer hidden under the hood so no one will recognize him

  • Spock doesn't know his father is on Vulcan to see him perform, he finds out while performing.

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