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I am a student, hobbyist writer, and dedicated Trekker, despite the fact that I have seen very few TOS episodes.  I plan to rectify that at the nearest opportunity.  More of a Next Gen fan anyways, but honestly, who can say no to a certain pointy-eared hobgoblin?

My favourite TOS character is Chekov, and my favourite Reboot character is kind of a toss up between Scotty and Spock, with Adorable!Chekov coming in a close second/third.  My favourite Next Gen characters are Data, Q, Hugh.  If you are a Next Gen fan, and don't know who Hugh is, shame on you.  Also, Q is epic.  A whole other continuum's worth of epic.

I have a DevArt account with not much on it - I may cross-post whatever ends up going on here, plus some possible original fic drabbles or something.

Live Long and Prosper


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Challenges by Valkyrie

Ok, so I have this idea, but it turns out that I can't write crack very well.

So here's my challenge:

I want a crack!fic (preferably with multiple chapters/stories/authors), where Jim and Spock (Abramsverse) keep getting transported into different universes by accident.


-Genderbent universe

-Mirror universe

-Prime universe

-Spock-is-human universe

-Kirk/Spock bonded in the Academy universe

-3 weeks into the future (future boys remember this happened, and are still trying to figure out how to fix it)

-Maybe implied mpreg?  Have K/S's kid running around causing havoc

-The set of Star Trek: TOS being filmed (this would cause some mental breakdown in the actors XD)

-Basically anything cracktastic that you can think of!


UNLESS THEY'RE KIDS AT THE TIME.  A kid!fic chapter is also acceptable :D



-Scotty says "I think we broke the universe!"  AND/OR  "I cannae change the laws of phys-- oh, right."  (your choice on how to work that in!)

-Every incarnation of Spock has some form of dislike towards himself, whether it be because he has issues, or because he's jealous/protective of his t'hy'la

-At the start, our Abramsverse boys have only a grudging working relationship, but after seeing so many universes where they're together... they just can't deny it anymore

-They get sent to multiple universes so many times, that Jim ends up having a rant about it (probably 3 or 4 universes in).  Maybe an exasperated sigh and/or comment every time it happens again.

-Many chapters/stories!  At least 4, but would be awesome for it to be ongoing.  Collabs are encouraged :D



Have fun!

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Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write a fic based off this quote:

Two possibilities exist:

Either we are alone in the Universe…

…or we are not.

Both are equally terrifying.

~Arthur C. Clarke

~<some gifs that may inspire you:    & >~

My initial idea is some kind of First Contact, perhaps a rehash of humans first meeting Vulcans, except it turns out Vulcans have been coming to Earth for years... And Jim accidentally discovers one.  *cough*SPOCK*cough*

But really, you guys could take this in whatever direction pleases you.  It could be another alien race discovering StarFleet officers undercover on their planet - if so, significant effort must be put towards conveying the perspective of that race, perhaps in the form of an OC integral to the story.


-Kirk & Spock either don't know eachother at the start (e.g. Vulcans undercover on Earth), or are only acquaintaces who don't really know much about eachother.

-K&S friendship BEFORE K/S (Pre-)Slash

-Significant attention put towards the perspective of the species (humans, random aliens) who are being first-contact-ed.  Include suspicion, uncertainty, and crazy/malicious government agents.

-If Spock & Kirk aren't already in StarFleet & on the Enterprise, then don't make the whole bridge crew turn up.  Jim can have Bones if you want, and perhaps Chris Pike.  Pike & Kirk's dad could have served together in the Navy or something, I dunno.

I'll probably fill my own challenge at some point, but I want to see what you guys are capable of.


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Basically, AOS does Ocean's Eleven


Danny Ocean - smooth con man - Chris Pike
Rusty Ryan - 2nd in command, always eating - Jim Kirk
Linus Caldwell - naive yet talented pickpocket - Carol
Basher Tarr - munitions - Scotty
Frank Catton - inside man - Uhura
Turk Malloy - Sulu
Virgil Malloy - Chekov
Saul Bloom - experienced con / impersonator - Gaila
Reuben Tishkoff - bankroll & advisor - McCoy
Livingston Dell - technology/hacker - Spock
Yen - grease monkey - Keenser

Benedict - Admiral Marcus
Ocean's ex-wife - Number One


I just thought it would be a brilliant AU

Follow the movie for the most part, improvise where desired, keep the characters, well, in character

Categories: Fiction Characters: Carol Marcus, Chekov, Chris Pike, Gaila, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura