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Trans* person from the UK. I don't usually do the fan, but it's too late, Star Trek happened.

TOS and Abram's universe

Pairings I like: Kirk/Spock, Spock/Uhura, Uhura/Chapel, Spock/Chekov, Sulu/Chekov, McCoy/everybody, any particularly queer relationship.

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Challenges by Youssii

The challenge is to take the last song you listened to, whether you like the actual song or not. Leave a link to the song, and the lyrics in the story notes.

Construct a story or vignette putting Spock and Kirk's; Spock and McCoy; McCoy and Kirk or Spock and Uhura, or multiple pairings into the positions implied by the song. Explore the situation leading up to the contents of the song, the parameters of their relationship within it, the resolution of any conflict brought about by or in the song.


  • Must be prose
  • Can include lyrics from the song in the fic, but they must seem incidental if said by a character, and subtle if included in the text, with a maximum of two lines from the song standing apart if you just can't help yourself.
  • Minimum 100 words; make it as long as you like (It can be 100000 if you want). 
  • Can be any age rating, with any content warnings.
  • Can be in any universe including original ones.
  • Can tie in to an episode of TOS, the movies with these characters in them (including the recent two).
  • Can use original character if you need.
  • Include a youtube link for the song in the notes.
  • Fic should be named after the song. 


Bonus points if:

  • The fic reads well to the song you've used. 
  • The song sets the mood for at least some of the fic.
  • You include sex to the rhythm of the song.

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