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However exhausting writing bios are on my various sites is, I love doing it. A bumpkin from upstate NY, I love Star Wars, Star Trek, and other scifi movies; ie. The fifth element, alien, prometheus, etc. K/S is my newest of many addictions, mostly slash. Until I add more, so long, LIG327

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I wanted to to see what would happen if the Abrams universe were to wind up getting blasted 104 years in the past and meeting the first Enterprise. Their ship is almost destroyed, most of their people dead. There are few survivors. The bridge crew, Sarek, Amanda (Yeah, I went there), Scotty, T'Pau, Spock Prime, Pike, Winona Kirk, McCoy, Chapel, and Keenser. Trapped in 2154, they have to figure out a way home. Enter some Starfleet magic and the team is further blasted to 2063, 3 days before First Contact and then blast them somewhere else. The major characters on NX-01 will come along too. Home is the last place from there. Good luck!!!!

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Chapel, Chekov, McCoy, Original Character(s), Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

T'Pau of Vulcan is one of the most famous and intimidating beings in galactic history, right up there with Surak. She is also one hell of grandmother. When her great grandson came looking for help with his bondmate, James, she could only extend her best help. When her grandson and his wife came seeking protection as well, what can be said, family is family. The Clan of Surak has left Vulcan. When Stonn and T'Pring came after them, looking to take the whole clan down into the depths of hell, T'Pau does something she has been doing since birth: kicking ass and making people shit their pants. But when they're brought before the Fedaration for the events which lead to the end of Romulus, will whatever remaining of both sides have their happily evert after? Rules: 1) Not so much as a hair is touched on Amanda's head. I'm getting sick of her being dead. 2) The supernova which destroyed Romulus happens a century early. Our favorite family accidentally makes it to boom, and kills Nero's ancestors. 3) Happy ending. 4) No Nero. 5) No Nero. And 6) ABSUTLEY, UNDER NO CIRCUNSTANCES CAN THERE BE A NERO!!!!!!!!!! Good luck. ~LIG327

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Sarek, Stonn, T'Pring