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Challenges by lizziecross

I have read many slave, bondage and prostitution fic here at kirk/spock archive but I want more.

I would love for someone to write a long fic or series in which Spock buys kirk as a love slave or vice versa, or where either one of them are prostitues and pleasures the other one. I also would love a little rape. Bondage, and crying is very welcome.

Extra points if the one in charge forces the other to take part in role playing.

Extra Extra points if the slave tries to fight back and has to be taught a lesson and or how to serve the other. 

I would perfer these stories to be TOS, Mirror, or AU. 

Categories: Fiction Characters: Original Character(s)

With many of the stories I've read almost all of them have kirk or McCoy dominates spock and he cries, moans and reacts to it like a prostitute or virgin. I would love it if someone out there wrote an awesome story that had Spock dominating kirk and making him cry, moan and react like a virgin or prostitue. I would also love it if in the story spock made kirk perform for him for his pleasure.

Bondage, Kink, and Erotica welcome.

Prefferred universes: TOS, Mirror, AU

XI:Abbrams universe is ok but i would rather have it not meantion Spock!Prime.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Original Character(s)

I love spanking, Slave, Bondage, and Rape fics. But for this challenge I wouldn't mind all four. Especially If spock spanked kirk or kirk spanked spock infront of another crew member or while on a diplomatic mission infront of every body but in that case i would want just spanking and maybe some bondage like they tied the other persons hand while they spanked them. 

MUST have spanking and lots of it please.

Would love some Great sex scenes.

Prefferred universe: TOS, Mirror, AU

If Abbrams universe would be great if it was Spock!Prime spanking kirk as a punsihment for not especting his elders.

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