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Author's Chapter Notes:

Prologue. I  hope  someone  reviews, cause reviews  lead  to  new  chapters :D

Summary  We all know Nero killed George Kirk. He also killed Winona Kirk and took James for himself. 24 years later, Jim escapes and gets to the Enterprise. Will a relationship with Spock help save Jim and can Jim help save the Earth?

Disclaimer   I own nothing. This is fiction.

Warnings   Violence. Slash. Sexual abuse. Hints od mpreg. AU!!

 Pairings   Spock/Kirk Sulu/Chekov McCoy/Uhura Scotty/Gaila

Flashbacks and memories



The Romulans leered and grinned at the man as he walked past them. Jim Kirk held his head high. They wouldn't out a hand on him. Nero would killl whoever touched his pet, even if it was Ayel. Nero was protective. Jim reached his room and fell onto his bed. He had a while before Nero would call for his services. Jim thought about his family. If Nero never came, would his parents still be alive? He remembered Nero telling him about them.


A ten year old Jim stared at Nero.

"What do you know about my parents?"

"I know I killed them."

"NO!! Shut up!!"

"But I did James. Your father died with his ship, saving hundreds of lives and your mother. Well, I just killed her. I needed you James."


"Because I can't let you become who you are supposed to be."


"Never mind Jim. Now come. Strip for me pretty boy. I need your services."

Tears sprang to Jim's eyes. He hated this. He had to pleasure this monster who killed his parents. He'd get his revenge, no matter what.

End Flashback

Jim still had to get his revenge, but he knew how. He reached under his bed and took out the modified phaser he'd taken from a dead Romulan. Jim left his room. He couldn't kill Nero, he knew that. But he had to get away from the Narada. Jim walked into the transport room and pushed his phaser into the Romulan's head.

"Get me off this ship now. And don't call anyone or set off the alarm. I have this thing set to kill."

The engineer nodded and put in the coordinates. Jim didn't recognise them. The name of the planet came up, but Nero never bothered teaching Jim to read or write. Jim didn't have a clue where he was going, but anywhere was better than the Narada. Jin stepped on the pad and shot the controls before he was gone. The engineer instantly called Nero.

"Sir, the pet has escaped."

Nero growled.

"Where did you send him?"

"Delta Vega."

"He'll probably die there. Useless fool. I want him to live. He had uses. We must get him back. Bring Ayel to me. NOW!!"


The first thing Jim noticed when he landed on the planet was the blistering cold. Jim could feel in on his bones. Well, he was only wearing jeans and a t shirt. God, he was going to die here. Well, might as well start walking. Maybe he'd find something. Suddenly, he heard a growl behind him. He turned around and gaped at the furry, toothy monster behind him.


Jim ran and the monster chased him. Oh yeah, Jim was gonna die on this planet. He heard the thing roar and when he turned around, he held back a scream. There was snother thing. It was red, with three sets of limbs and a huge mouth with razor sharp teeth. Jim started to run again. He saw a cave and ran into it. He felt something wrap around his leg. When he turned around, he screamed. The thing had grabbed him. Out of nowhere, a man appeared with a torch. He chased the monster away and turned to Jim. This was a Vulcan . He wasn't scared of them.

"Young man, are you ok?"

"Yeah, who are you?"

"I am Spock. Who are you?"

"I'm James Tiberius Kirk."



A/N   Done. I hope you like this story. I'll continue if I get good reviews . Next chapter, they meet Scotty and they get to the Enterprise.

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