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Disclaimer:Star Trek and characters belong to Gene Roddenberry.


AN:Inspired by all the scenes where Kirk is always walking to Spock's station or turning in his chair.

I will not look! I will not look!

Those words kept repeating through James Kirk’s mind as he lounged in his command chair. He was bored, but as the captain, he needed to be professional and be a good example for the crew.

But his gaze kept straying to someone he shouldn’t be gazing at. He couldn’t understand when it had started or why he couldn’t stop. He’d always been with women and liked it.

But a half-human, half-Vulcan man named Spock had come into his life and made him think things he’d never thought about men before.

Many times Jim would turn in his chair and see Spock standing, leaning over and looking into his scanner at the science station. Jim’s gaze would travel up those long legs; the cloth of Spock’s uniform pants seemed to cling to those legs like a second skin, showing off the lean muscles. The fabric clung to Spock’s backside as well, showing off the tight shape of his buttocks.

Many times, Jim would feel his body break out into a sweat, but he was sure Spock was unaware of his attraction. Jim would walk over to the science station a lot just to talk to Spock, to hear the sexy baritone of his voice - to see those dark, hypnotic eyes on him; smell the scent of incense that only Spock had.

He hoped the crew wouldn’t figure it out.

Jim didn’t know why he was acting this way. It was insane and he was sure Spock wouldn’t return any feelings for him. But while it was insane, he didn’t care.

If only Spock’s uniform didn’t cling to him so tightly.

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