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Zero Resistance

I want you and you know it. I feel you in the next room even when you are sleeping. You think you are pure, caste like a virgin, wrapped in the cloak of your need to be wholly Vulcan. But I know better and I will strip that cover from you one day, soon.

I will take you in my arms and kiss you until you submit to the truth of who you are and I will show you another way. I will keep at you until you surrender.

I won’t accept you as hidden and closed. I will make you open. I will take you apart, piece by dry piece until the desert that surrounds your heart reveals the oasis I know is there. If I have to break you to do it I will. I want to fuck you. Fuck you up, screw the foolishness from you. I am angry at you. You torture yourself with shame and doubt, when you could let me torture you with kisses and touches. Pleasure should not be your enemy.

I will ambush you. Steal into your heart by way of a smile and a caress and you will not be able to resist my strength. I will tease you until you unravel. I will leave you strewn across the landscape of your fears. You will not know what hit you. I have command over you. And you have given me this power. I see you looking at me. I see the pain of want in your eyes. I hear it in the sighs that you cannot disguise whenever I am near you, whenever I close that gap you keep putting between us.

You will not be able to run away from me. Where would you go? You are stuck on this ship with me and there is nowhere to hide. Even though you try to conceal yourself behind your heritage and logic, they’re lies and we both know it. There is no bulkhead or head game that can shelter you from the onslaught of my desire. I will take you because you are mine.

I will pull you into my room and touch you. Hold you close and lay my hands on your chest. Stroke your back. Your knotted muscles scream to be soothed, your taut flesh whispers for release and I will bring it to you, whether you want it or not. I will bring you to completion.

I know you better than you know yourself. I can smell your desire and I will taste the animal within you. I am tired of your denial. I am certain of your lust and will take what is rightfully mine and you will thank me for showing you the truth. You cannot hope to stop me and I know you will not try. You will give in the moment I take the chance to strip you of your veneer.

You pretend that you don’t know what love is, it’s what you are feeling right now, as you sit alone in your cabin wishing that you were someone else, entertaining ridiculous thoughts of control, while the answer to your problem is just one room and an unlocked door away. Give up you fool. Can’t you see the inevitability of the loss of your fašade? I will shatter you and I will pick the pieces and make you whole again.

I will rip the clothes from your body and find that naked soul that I sense whenever I look into your eyes. I will run my hands over your body until you connect with your Self. I will kiss and lick and bite your body until you know what it is to feel. I will address all those places that remain blocked and ashamed. And I will lay them bare to the blazing certainty of our love. And you will have no defense, because it is your reality too.

I will enter your body, so that there is no longer any remoteness. I will complete that circuit. I will bring you into the present moment and destroy your make-believe world with the fire of lust. And I will sooth you as you lay shattered in my arms, with the proof of my pledge drying on your skin. I will sip the sweat of your capitulation. Then we will start over again, this time without the burden of your resistance.
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