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Disclaimer: Captain Kirk, Commander Spock and the Trek universe do not belong to me, for as much as I’d like them to be. Now you know what I’d like to see in my Christmas Stockings this year. Betaed by the wonderful and gracious Charlene -thank you!-. All errors are mine, mine I tell you!

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Captain Kirk winced in pain when his hand touched his right temple. A blue clad shadow approached and took his hand away from the wound to inspect it.

“It has stopped bleeding, Jim” Dr. McCoy said. “What possessed you to climb a tree that high?”

“The pet of the Prime Minister’s daughter was in trouble, Bones.”

“So, you had a feline stuck up on a tree. Didn’t you think that the cat would come down on its own? Put some food on the ground and eventually it… “

“Doctor, there was no time for that. The child was extremely agitated and…” Spock quickly interrupted in defence of his captain, carefully enunciating with his deep voice.

“The child was crying her heart out so I,” The captain amended.

“…had to help, I know. But this was no Earth house cat, Jim!” The physician lifted the captain’s left hand up to eye level to examine it and dress the wounds. “Some of these scratches are deep and they will be painful. There are also toxins at play and I can’t give you any pain reliever due to them!”

“I’ll be okay, it’s not too bad.” Kirk lied with a frown, eager to leave sickbay. “Is there anything else?”

McCoy sighed and started to hand the captain a small bottle with pills.

“These you can have with no problems, they are general antibiotics; take two and call me in the morning. On second thought,” the doctor added and changed directions to deliver the bottle to the Vulcan. “I’ll call *you* and then we’ll play it by ear.”

A slanted eyebrow rose.

“By ear, Doctor?” Spock asked.

“Just… take him out of here, ok? He’s all yours.”

“Indeed,” the Vulcan replied and helped his captain off the chair. James Kirk obliged and smiled as he was escorted to his quarters. At least he hadn’t had to explain to McCoy how during the outdoor presentations, some fireworks had sent that non house cat into a scared frenzy.

While the gathered crowd was amazed with the show, Kwibo had started hissing and by the second explosion he ran away and into the nearby forest. Lurully, his little 6 years old mistress had gone after him, escaping everyone’s attention including that of her tutoress. When she notified her masters of the missing child, the party attendants all volunteered for the search but it was the Enterprise officers who found the girl. She was next to a tall tree, quite deep into the cold woods, calling up for Kwibo.

Hurrying their way to the child, it was Spock with his longer stride who arrived first. Falling to one knee, he asked Lurully about her skinned knees. With loud wails, she grabbed onto the Vulcan and tried to explain her attempts to retrieve Kwibo and how she wanted him back with loud cries.

Spock, who limited his physical contact with others due to his touch telepathy, suddenly had a very upset child refusing to let him go. Kirk saw his friend tense under the assault of the girl’s emotions and look at him with such big eyes that, without thinking further, Kirk was half way up that tree and reaching for that pet. The way down had not been easy with claws digging into his flesh each time that the lithe trunk swayed but he had made it in time for the rest of the search party to arrive and thank them profusely. The climb had been arduous and Kwibo had showed his appreciation at being rescued by latching himself to Kirk and then protesting any attempt to be dislodged from his saviour. Spock had insisted the captain needed immediate treatment at the Enterprise’s sickbay instead of waiting for them to return to the Prime Minister’s manor. Kirk had looked at Spock considering he was exaggerating but when his adrenalin diminished and the wounds started to sting, he was eager to return to the ship.

With a sigh, Kirk noticed that they had arrived to his quarters. The door swished open to let them both in. With only a look, Spock directed him to the bed while he fetched water. Kirk removed his shirt and when he emerged from the garment, Spock was at his side with the medicine; Kirk swallowed the pills while hot fingers checked his injuries, starting with the ones on his arms and neck. Tenderly tracing the damage done to his face, those fingers made him tilt his head to meet soft lips.

“MY hero…” Kirk heard a whisper and when such lips kissed each and every wound, all the pain was forgotten.

The End

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