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1. Quantitative experimental research- This was an easy one. You have to be passionate about this stuff in order to be a science officer.
2. Cold Cucumber Soup- As a vegan, his options are VERY limited. This soup is super bland, but something tells me a Vulcan would find it ‘fascinating.’
3. Isaac Asimov Novels- No one does nerdy better than Spock. This is his guilty pleasure. And he will never, ever tell you just how many of these he has hoarded on his PADD.
4. Amanda- She loved him like no one else could. And as a mother, she held him close when he was bullied and ridiculed for his half-human heritage. It doesn’t get more intense than that.
5. Keenser- Most people on the ship think of Scotty as the genius. For Mr. Spock, though, the real winner is Keenser. The Roylan man is a genius and at least some of Scotty’s brilliance comes from brainstorming and chilling with Keenser.
6. Arguing with Dr. McCoy- Another one of Spock’s guilty pleasures, he will never tell you how much he loves bantering with the country doctor. Sure, it is illogical. But hey, everyone needs a bit of the south in their lives. Even a hobgoblin like Spock.
7. His Eyebrows- Yep, he never lets anyone else touch them and he obviously grooms them. If you are a woman, you know how much work and time goes into perfect, evenly arched brows. If you’re a guy, ask your girlfriend and she’ll agree with me.
8. Jim- Aha! Now this one is no secret. While the fandom is crazy about K/S, Gene Roddenberry gave us the concept of T’hy’la in a novel. Yep, that is how he describes Kirk and Spock. Friends, brothers, lovers. So reboot, I am cool with Spuhura, but it is kinda non-canon.
9. Tribbles- He won’t admit it. But Spock is a touch telepath with super sensitive hands. There’s a reason he’s brushing the fur of the creatures with such hypnotic devotion.
10. Shakespeare- Spock is always commenting on his views of human nature and its constant drama. Well, his information comes from plays like Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. No wonder he is super protective about Jim. After all, the man does resemble a Shakespearean tragedy.

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