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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey, everyone! So a week or so ago I decided that since last years 30 Days of Spirk went so well, why not do it again? This year instead of words as inspiration, I'll be using songs! I hope that you'll guys like this years just as much :) The song used for this drabble, if you're interested in listening to it while you read, is Crazy For You by Madonna. Disclaimer: I do not own! Neither Star Trek, or Madonna's song.

"I'm crazy for you, touch me once and you know it's true.
I've never wanted anyone like this, it's all brand new.
You feel it in my kiss—I'm crazy for you."

There was a part of Spock that questioned, he knew. They had been two years into their five year mission when they fell together, and he had seen the way he was when it came to relationships, to committing to another person. The one healthy relationship he had ever been able to keep was with Bones, something everyone seemed to forget about when gossiping about him. It had long past the point where he could truly give a damn about that.

But when it came to Spock, he wanted him to know that he was sincere, to know how strongly he felt for him. For the first time in his life he found someone he could spend the rest of his life with, a thought that was both terrifying and thrilling. It was something he tried to express with Spock, doing his damnest to radiate his love and contentment to him each time they touched.

His touch telepathy had to be his favorite thing about dating the Vulcan; even when he couldn't find the words to express his emotions aloud, with one touch Spock could discover and understand. It made things easier, and all that much harder.

But on those days when rumors were running rampant and Spock had that pinched look on his face, all Jim had to do was press two fingers to his, and all would be right again.

It was wonderful.
Chapter End Notes:

Turned out that this year, we're starting off sappy. Which, as my fish told me, is a good start. Did you agree? :) I have a tumblr, if you would like to follow me! http://writtenfire.tumblr.com/ I talk about this on there, the tags are '30 Days of Spirk' and 'Year Two' (which might be subject to change, we'll see). I hope that you guys liked this, and are excited for more! And, I'm curious--any familiar names this year? :) Thank you for reading, and please - leave a comment! Until tomorrow.~ -Written Fire. *all story notes will be from original posting: April 2015

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