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Story Notes:

for the 2016 Old Married Spirk challenge on tumblr

It’s not something they can get back. Their youth is gone.

But helpless is the man who yearns to change his past.

And hopeless is he who knows not what he yearns.

Jim sees what he has. Amidst the wrinkles and grey hairs filling his reflection, eyes aged with wisdom gaze the depths of his self.

He sees light.

He sees a faithfully lived dream.

Jim sees the stars he so desperately loved.


Endless galaxies shine with hidden secrets, secrets only he is privy to.

He and Spock.

For what is life without love, and what is love without sharing life.

Yes, their youth may be gone.

But endless is the life of the heart that lives young.

Chapter End Notes:

my initial submission idea is taking a lot longer than anticipated to complete.

this piece is very short, but i think it encompasses the essence of what OMS represents

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