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I have loved Star Trek for twenty years now!!! More, really, but I decided to collect the DVDs in the September of 1996 - after watching all the 30th Anniversary stuff on TV. When I was about twenty, I got into Stargate SG1 as well... I was afraid to, for fear of being disloyal to Trek! That's a geek for you..! It did rival Trek in my affections for some years, I confess... But, in the last at least 6 years, it's Trek I concentrate on more than ever, as much as I still do love them both... If I had to pick a fav series over all, it would still have to be the Original Series - because it was the one that started everything - we owe it so much, in the geek community, and in the world in general, even if non-geeks will never see that. Plus, the relationships - at least on screen! The loyalty, the call to pull together - and yes, the K/S element, intentional or otherwise... I won't apologise for that. Spock and Kirk, even when I was much younger than then 16, watching re-runs; they personify my idea of heroism, loyalty, love, and the knowledge of what's really important in this life, and thanks to the SFS and TVH films, my favs during re-run watches on bank holidays, that idea extended into the idea of what is important in the next life, too, and appreciating miracles and gifts.
I ADORE Voyager as well... An amazing cast, led by a woman whom I think is the most elegant, classy, strong, eloquent, beautiful woman - in terms of herself, and the character she portrayed. Kate/Kathryn, I love you. The show itself had brilliant writing, and, again, as the best shows do, a reason for all the characters to pull together.
Next Gen; I'd watch it on BBC 2 even before the summer of '96 (as opposed to '69!).... Fell for Picard and Data most of all, but loved them all, and still do... Forever, will have a crush on Tasha, and I was, and am, of course, a fan of Will and Deanna's relationship.
DS9 - Loved it. Loved all the cast, and the strength of the storylines/the themes throughout. Jadzia - vivacious, gorgeous, daring, my absolute favourite.
Enterprise - It had the toughest time of all of them with critics. Yet, I truly liked it. The cast truly communicated the newness of every step, as did the beautiful soundtrack song. Particular favourite characters for me were: Archer, Trip, and Phlox, but, again, I did genuinely like all the characters. I really hated, unfortunately, Season Three - mostly because of the Xindi thread. I wasn't a fan of the Klingon Rura Penthe episode either, which, I think, was season 3 or 4. For the rest of the show though, I was definitely a fan!
The Abrams Re-boot; I put some kind of article/review/blathering of my own opinions, online here, and at the KS Archive, a few weeks ago. That was more in depth, about the aspects I like, and the very few I don't. Find that, and read it, if by some miracle, you are interested. Generally, and genuinely, I am Very, VERY much a fan. I do tend to view it as a timeline that hasn't completely wiped out the main, original one. In my head, the life Spock came from still did, and still does, continue. Whether that's in-line with the writers intentions, I'm unsure. I doubt it is, but that's still how I see it. It keeps love, and certain hopes, alive...
I REALLY hope that I become a genuine fan of the new series, released around 2017. The genuine test of if I truly Love a show, is if I see fanfic pairings and potential in it - If I read, or indeed, write fan fic for a show - then, that's confirmed even more so. I truly hope that's the case with the newest Trek show, and/or films....

By: 'Vulcan Lover'. (2.2.16)
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