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Story Notes:

Also has a vid version: http://silver-thyla.tumblr.com/post/132329417706/an-au-ending-for-generations-you-may-need-to

James T. Kirk was once again to be the captain of the Enterprise. From a balcony high above the auditoriam Spock watched the young man turn and aknowledge the applause which filled the space and rose up to him. He nodded slowly, then turned away.


There were more people in the huge shuttle hanger than he had expected, but they were all engaged in their tasks and paid little attention to one old lonely vulcan wandering along the rows, doing nothing to be noticed. He walked slowly, trying not to note all the differences between the time he had lived in and now.


The voice was surely too soft to carry over the general hubbub around him, but he heard it as clearly as if the man was standing right next to him. That voice, that voice he knew. He turned, looking to where it had come from.

Jim, his Jim stood there, a smile breaking over his face
He knew his face must be displaying most unvulcan shock, because Jim’s smile grew even fonder. He could do nothing but mirror the expression.

Stride by stride they closed the distance which separated them untill they were face to face.Spock stood there, mentally drinking in that long lost face.

“I thought I was going to die” Jim’s voice was thick with emotions: current relief, the echo of previous pain, disbelief…joy.

It roused his own emotions, and he let them tinge his response, holding Jim’s eyes as he spoke, projecting the depth of belief and sincerity behind them .“Not possible, you were never alone.”

“Spock…” One word, one simple word, spoken barely above a whisper, yet which conveyed so much.

But here was not the place to release all those emotions. He carried on speaking, aiming for a lighter tone “You have forgotten the very sense of what we are. More than a marriage… the binding of our very katras together forever, a tie that cannot even be truly severed by bodily death. No force in the universe would be able to break it.”

He had to stop, his heart too full to control. Jim reached out then and pulled him into a tight embrace, which he returned. Emotional, maybe, but the cause was more than sufficient.

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