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Story Notes:

A/N: Yes, I know. I ignored all the rules for Tankas except the syllable count. I’ve tried to at least either change the POV or introduce a new thought for the last two lines.

Don’t know if I should continue, let me know what you think.



Always logical

My plan: to irritate you

You’re right ‘bout Gary


They say that I have no heart

But I feel with you, Captain.


I can see no way

My mind doesn’t work like this

But you can see it

It gives me emotional

security, Mister Spock.


Locked up and helpless

Forced to face his greatest fear

To die all alone

But now when I look at you

I hope you’ll be there for me


I’m a carrier

I can’t go back to the ship

But I do want to.

Of course you do, Mr. Spock.

The look they share says it all.


My plan failed, but still

We never have been so close

Ripped shirts and touching

You left me alone down there

But I got what I wished for


Thrown back and stuck here

Oh my God, it’s the sixties

Oh boy, this guy’s hot

Thinking on how to get back

Touch your wrist: “Are you ok?”


The last of its species

We have to kill lest we die

Need to protect you

Fishing for compliments, Spock?

Unsaid I like your ears, too.


Errand of Mercy

But not to our Enemies

Never to Klingons

They were in charge all the time

But you and I beat the odds


Her name is Edith

I think I’m in love with her

I know it can’t last

I watch you letting her die

At your side, where I belong


Just lost my brother -

but now you are hurt. First time

you’ve said: let me help,

I’m all right. - I believe you.

I need to. Why? I need you.



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