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Kirk looked up at the scantily clad girl who was dancing around the pole. All around him people were rubbing and grinding against each other to the rhythm of the music, except those who were too busy trying to consume as much alcohol as they could – or couldn’t – afford.

He wondered why the hell Spock had agreed to come with them, knowing this planet’s reputation. Not that having Spock there was a bad thing; he was glad Spock had decided to come. He just couldn’t understand it.

Kirk looked over at his friend, who surprisingly enough didn’t seem to want to go home, and who was well into his third glass of something green that the bartender had told Kirk was even more potent than Romulan ale. Spock didn’t look affected by it at all. Vulcans and Romulans were closely related; they probably had the same alcohol tolerance.

What a waste it was, Kirk thought fleetingly, that Vulcans, who were hardly known for drinking and partying, had such a high alcohol tolerance. It would be better spent on humans. Well, maybe not, when he thought about it. The fun thing about drinking was, after all, getting drunk. Right now he was enjoying his current state of tipsy-ness.

McCoy suddenly appeared from the mass of people, wearing the silly grin that he always got when he was drinking, and threw his hands around their shoulders. “I’ve been looking all over for you two! I found a door marked ‘game room’! Come on, let’s go play a game!”

Kirk looked over at Spock, who gave a short nod. “Alright, I’ll just order something to drink, and then we can go to the game room.”

Spock tipped back his glass and he, too, ordered again. “I’ll have another Dalarian vodka, a double this time, please.” The bartender poured him a pint of the stuff. Was Spock trying to get drunk?

Kirk looked down at his own much smaller glass of something that was reminiscent of Terran brandy. It was ironic that Spock would be able to drink him under the table any day. Hell, he’d even be able to drink McCoy or Scotty under the table.

McCoy led them through the room, expertly making a narrow path in between all the drunk and horny people. Kinda like Moses, with the water, Kirk thought amusedly.

“Well… this isn’t exactly what I expected.” McCoy stopped in the door opening. “Oh, look!” He pointed to a corner of the room. “Spin the bottle! This could prove to be much more interesting than pinball machines! Let’s join the game!”

Kirk looked at the group of people sitting in a ring on the floor. There were more girls than guys in the circle, and most of the girls – and the guys too for that matter – were quite attractive. One of the girls crawled over to another girl and kissed her on the mouth.

“I don’t know, Bones. You go ahead and play spin the bottle, but maybe Spock and I should join one of the other games. I’m not sure if Spock…”

“I am standing right here Captain, and even though I have consumed what you would consider to be a large amount of alcohol, I am still perfectly capable of making a decision for myself. I will play spin the bottle, but you may play another game if you want to.”

“No! No.” Kirk was baffled by Spock’s response. “I… I guess we’ll all play spin the bottle then.”

McCoy made no sarcastic comments about Spock playing this game, so Kirk figured he must be too drunk to notice the weirdness of the situation. Kirk noticed. Perhaps Spock didn’t seem drunk, but he was definitely not acting like himself.

The people who were already playing made the ring bigger so that there was room for them. Kirk and Spock sat down opposite each other, and McCoy sat down between two particularly pretty women, and grinned from ear to ear.

A man sitting close to Kirk spun the bottle, and when it stopped, he crawled across the floor to kiss one of the girls sitting next to McCoy.

Then she spun the bottle. It pointed at Spock. Kirk drew his breath as he saw her creeping towards Spock before she stopped in front of him and then leaned in to kiss him. As she pulled away from him, Kirk saw Spock’s eyes fixed on him.

Then he took the bottle and spun it, without losing eye contact. Kirk couldn’t get himself to look away before he heard McCoy’s voice: “Well, wouldya look at that! Spock’s gonna have to give Jim-boy a smooch!”

Kirk looked down. The bottle was pointing towards him. Surely they weren’t expected to…

“Spock, I’m sure you don’t have to, I mean, these people will probably let you spin again so that the bottle lands on a girl.”

Spock still hadn’t taken his eyes away from Kirk. He hadn’t even looked at the bottle. “I believe we are supposed to kiss the person the bottle points to, regardless of gender. We saw two women kissing when we entered the room.”

There were agreeing murmurs and noises from the other players, and they were obviously eager to see Spock and Kirk kiss.

Kirk couldn’t think of anything to say, so he just sat there and looked at Spock, who got up from the floor, walked towards him and then kneeled before him.

Kirk felt like something was fluttering inside his stomach as Spock bent forward and then gently put his own lips over Kirk’s. He lingered for a couple of seconds, before he stood up, turned away from Kirk and went back to his seat.

Kirk resisted the impulse to touch his lips, and took a large swig from his glass instead. He risked a glance at Spock, who was now looking in McCoy’s direction. Kirk turned his gaze towards McCoy, who was looking from Spock to Kirk and back again, with that silly grin on his face. Kirk wanted to wipe it off him.

The person next to Kirk poked him in the ribs, and pointed at the bottle. Right. The game. Kirk spun the bottle, and it landed on a very attractive woman with dark hair and yellow skin.

“Let’s introduce the next rule,” someone said. “French kisses only from now on!”

Kirk was amazed that even on other planets, they were called French kisses. Kinda ironic, when they were called English kisses in France.

After Kirk had kissed the girl, it was McCoy’s turn to be kissed by the same girl. Kirk could swear he saw McCoy’s eyes glazing over afterwards. After he spun the bottle and got to kiss another girl, he seemed like he was positively in heaven.

After a few more turns, the guy sitting next to Spock spun the bottle, and it landed on Spock. He turned towards Spock, and Kirk watched as his face got closer and closer, and then Spock’s mouth opened, and the other guy slipped his tongue in before their lips met. He raised his hand to the back of Spock’s neck. Spock watched the man through open eyes. Kirk got a glimpse of Spock’s tongue thrusting against the other guy’s just as they ended the kiss.

Kirk couldn’t believe he was watching this. He couldn’t believe Spock was participating in a game like this, couldn’t believe Spock was actually kissing men, including him. In public.

It was Spock’s turn again, and the bottle landed on Kirk this time as well. What were the odds of that happening?

Kirk’s body began, of its own volition, crawling towards the middle of the circle, and Spock crawled towards him. They stopped in front of each other, and this time Kirk felt the same fluttering as before, only further down.

Kirk closed his eyes, and when he felt Spock’s lips touch his own, he opened his mouth, allowing Spock to delve in. Kirk felt hands on his face, and he raised his own hands until he found Spock’s shoulders. Kirk let out a moan, or a whimper, he wasn’t sure which. This was unbelievable. This was Spock.

Spock pulled away a few inches and lingered there for a moment before he released Kirk’s face and returned to his seat.

Just when Kirk was about to sit down, a buss boy approached them and took drink orders from everyone. Kirk ordered a glass of “that green vodka stuff”. He felt he could need some. Spock also ordered one, a double this time as well.

They continued the game while waiting for their drinks. Kirk had to kiss McCoy, who reluctantly gave in. The kiss was nothing like kissing Spock. It was short, and done with as little touching as possible. McCoy seemed extremely uncomfortable kissing him, while Spock had been… passionate. No, that was probably not the word for it. Vulcans couldn’t be passionate, could they? Still, that was what it had felt like to Kirk. Passion.

“Next rule!” an Andorian girl shouted. “The spinner removes an article of clothing from and makes out with the person the bottle points at! All the guys take off their shoes and socks now, since they have more clothes on!”

Kirk wondered if they were making up the rules as they went along, or if these were the rules they played with here. Just as Kirk had taken off his socks, two buss boys came in, delivering the drinks that people had ordered. He took it, and tasted it tentatively. It was fruity and chilled, and didn’t really taste like it was strong at all. It was good. Refreshing. He took another sip, and then ended up drinking half of the liquid, to cool down a bit. He hadn’t noticed it during the game, but he had become uncomfortably warm.

He realised the drink didn’t help. As soon as he put the glass down, he felt a strange warmth spread through his body, and he felt like his ears and his face were on fire. He looked up to the roof, which he had noticed earlier was completely covered by a huge mirror for some reason. The colour of his face was normal somehow.

Kirk looked down again, and was claimed by a sudden wave of dizziness. Obviously, the drink was much stronger than he thought. He looked at the floor and saw the bottle spinning, which didn’t help. He picked another point in the room to look at. The point turned out to be Spock. Spock was staring right back at him again, with an intense gaze. Kirk’s body temperature seemed to rise even more.

They sat like that for several minutes, and Kirk forgot where they were and what they were doing. He felt something or someone touch the front of his shirt. He looked down, blinking. One of the girls was unbuttoning it, and she kissed every new part of Kirk’s chest that was exposed. Kirk didn’t care. It was as if she wasn’t really there. It was as if she was an illusion, as if everyone else in the room was an illusion. Except Spock.

Kirk met Spock’s eyes, and that dark gaze was penetrating him once again. He was vaguely aware of it when someone pulled his shirt completely off and proceeded to kiss him, but that was mostly because she was blocking the view.

It was Kirk’s turn to spin the bottle. It took an effort of will to start moving towards it, but as he started crawling, he found that he was somehow almost fully in control of his own movements, as long as he concentrated. He spun the bottle again, and proceeded to divest one of the younger women of her bra and then kissed her uninspiredly.

“Come on honey, couldn’t you at least have pretended like it was me you wanted to kiss?”

Kirk could see her roll her eyes before she let them wander to Spock. What was she talking about? Was she insinuating something? Well, if she was, she was wrong. It was absurd, he wasn’t attracted to Spock. There just was something about Spock tonight that made it impossible for Kirk to concentrate on anything but him. That was all.

Kirk got back to his place without answering the girl. He noticed that there was a hole in the circle, but he couldn’t remember who had been sitting there. He looked up, and saw a bare-chested McCoy and a just as bare-chested woman walking towards the restrooms. Kirk’s eyes automatically went to Spock, to see if he had noticed it too, but Spock was just sitting there looking intently at him, as if he hadn’t moved at all.

It was all Kirk could take. The feeling of burning up on the inside had not diminished, and Spock’s staring at him only seemed to make it worse. Kirk closed his eyes and tried to calm himself, and he sat like that for several minutes.

Sudden cheering and applause made Kirk open his eyes again. The first thing he noticed was Spock. Without the robe he had worn, and with swollen lips. And then the bottle. Pointing at him. Again. Spock had spun the bottle three times so far, and all three times it had landed on him. Kirk felt this should tell him something, but he couldn’t wrap his head around what.

He didn’t have any more time to think about it before Spock was in front of him again. Spock pulled him up to his feet, and held him close while unfastening Kirk’s pants with one hand between their bodies. Then he was on his knees in front of Kirk, pulling his pants down, sliding his hands down Kirk’s thighs and legs.

Kirk’s knees buckled, but Spock caught him and put him into a sitting position with the legs straight out in front of him, before he pulled the pants off. Then he straddled Kirk and supported his back with strong hands before he leaned in and claimed his mouth. Inch by inch, not breaking the kiss, he lowered Kirk down until he was lying on his back with Spock on top. Kirk moaned. He didn’t notice the excited noises from the other players. He didn’t even notice his own hard-on until the delightful pressure was removed from it, and Spock went back to his place in the circle.

Kirk looked up at his own reflection in the roof. There he was, drunk and wanton. Maybe he did want Spock after all.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t caught himself thinking about Spock like this before. But this was the first time he was willing to admit to himself that he was actually attracted to Spock.

He got up to a sitting position, and hugged his knees. “Someone else take this turn for me, I’m a little dizzy.” The other people laughed, and one of them took the bottle and spun it.

It took only two turns before the bottle pointed to Kirk again. He released his own knees, and another guy came over and tugged at his boxers. Kirk lifted his ass from the floor, so that the guy could pull them off. The man stood back a bit, so that everyone could see Kirk now that he was naked. So that everyone could see his jutting erection. People were clapping and cheering again. Kirk blushed. He didn’t want to look up to see if Spock was looking at him. He knew he was. He could feel it.

Then the man closed in on Kirk again, and kissed him. ‘Licked the inside of his mouth’ would be a more accurate description. Kirk didn’t like it, but let him do it. Luckily, the kiss didn’t last very long.

Kirk reached for the bottle, and spun it around.

Spock. It landed on Spock. Kirk would have been lying if he said he hadn’t been hoping for it, but he was still surprised. So was Spock, if the raised eyebrow was any indication. Kirk downed the rest of his glass.

He crawled across the circle. He didn’t trust himself to walk. Spock stretched out his legs and leaned back on his arms. The floor seemed to be moving under Kirk. He could see Spock’s eyes wandering to his naked crotch. He blushed furiously, stopped crawling as he reached Spock and started fumbling with the fastening on Spock’s pants.

Pubic hair. He had expected boxers or briefs, not pubic hair. This meant… Kirk’s mind reeled. But he couldn’t stop now. He had to remove Spock’s pants. Those were the rules.

He tried avoiding looking at Spock’s crotch, but after he had pulled the pants off, he found his gaze drawn towards Spock’s cock, which was just as erect as his. Spock had an erection… because of him?

He noticed the other players were cheering louder than they had done until now.

“They’re both naked! We have two winners!”

They had won? It was possible to win this game? Why would there be two winners instead of one?

“Do we still kiss, or are we finished now?” Kirk noticed he was slurring a bit. He desperately wanted to kiss Spock. He prayed that they would still have to kiss.

There were some laughs and giggles.

“Finished? Far from it! This is when the real fun begins,” one of the guys said.

He didn’t explain more, and Kirk had no idea what he was talking about. “Care to elaboror… alabrurate?”

More laughter.

“This is where you two give us a show!”

Kirk couldn’t help but feel that he was starting to look stupid, because he still didn’t understand.

“You know,” the man said. “…sex?”

Kirk couldn’t have more surprised if he had been whacked over the head with a spade. He wanted to, of course, but they couldn’t. Him and Spock? No. Impossible.

“But… we can’t… we didn’t know the rules!”

Kirk felt a warm breath on his ear, and then that familiar, deep voice.

“I did.”

A shiver ran through Kirk's body. He turned his head to look at Spock. So that was how the land lay. Well then. He smirked. Now they were playing a game Kirk knew the rules of. Seduction.

He seemed to sober up somewhat, or maybe it only felt that way because this was something he was used to doing in an inebriated condition. Or any condition, really.

“Really, first Officer?”

Spock looked at him with eyes that seemed like smouldering embers.

“Indeed… Captain.”

Spock was challenging Kirk to do something; he could see it. Kirk stared back. They were like two predators, trying to stare each other down. Then Kirk spun around and pounced, and slammed Spock to the floor, knocking the breath momentarily out of him. Kirk swooped down and kissed him, so that Spock had to recover his breath through his nose.

Then Kirk released his mouth and covered one of Spock’s ears with his mouth. He flicked his tongue inside it. Spock writhed. Then he put the tip in his mouth and sucked on it, first gently and then harder. Spock moaned. He pushed his tongue down into the ear and licked. Spock grabbed him by the throat and forced him in front of his face.

“Enough,” he hissed.

Then he twisted them around, and Kirk’s body was effectively pinned beneath his. Their cocks were trapped together between their abdomens. Spock thrust, once. Kirk was slippery with sweat, and their bodies slid against each other. He thrust once more. Kirk’s mouth opened in a silent gasp.

Then Spock started kissing his way up Kirk’s jawline, and stopped at his ear. “I am going to taste you.” His voice was low and gravel, and Kirk’s body trembled.

Spock let his tongue travel down to a nipple, licking the sweat away as he went. He took the small nub between his teeth and flicked his tongue at it. Kirk let out a throaty moan. Why was Spock torturing him so? He pushed at Spock’s head to make him continue downwards, and Spock, pausing and looking at him with an amused glint in his eyes, complied.

He licked his way further down, and dipped his tongue into Kirk’s navel, making Kirk writhe, before he continued down.

Spock hovered a couple of inches above Kirk’s cock. Kirk was becoming desperate. He needed to feel Spock’s mouth on his cock now. His hips automatically raised from the floor, but Spock withdrew his head and kept the same distance to Kirk’s throbbing member. He took a hold of Kirk’s hips and pushed them down to the floor. His eyes seemed even darker than usual as he met Kirk’s.


Kirk felt like he was about to explode, but he wouldn’t beg! He wouldn’t give Spock the satisfaction.


“Very well.”

Spock got up on his knees, and Kirk saw his chance. He got up, only barely managing to keep his balance, and stood in front of Spock, his cock right in front of Spock’s face. Kirk noticed all the other people around them again. Some were cheering, some were whistling, some were shouting, some were touching themselves, some were touching others. But all eyes were glued to him and Spock. It somehow made Kirk feel powerful, having all this attention. He turned his own attention towards Spock again.

“Suck it, First Officer.”

Spock didn’t do anything.

“That’s an order, mister.”

“As you wish, Captain.”

Spock reached out with his tongue and let it slide along the underside of Kirk’s shaft, and gave extra attention to the sensitive area just below the head. Then he took the head in his mouth, and continued to move further down until it reached the back of his throat, and then pulled off.

Kirk took a handful of Spock’s hair in each hand, and when Spock opened his mouth again, Kirk pushed inside. Spock hummed around his cock, and started fondling his balls with one hand. It was too much for Kirk. He clutched at Spock’s hair as hard as he could, and he pulled out and slammed into Spock’s mouth again, and again, and again, faster and deeper for each time. Spock didn’t even flinch as Kirk’s entire length was driven down his throat repeatedly.

Kirk made a loud, inarticulate sound, and continued to thrust even faster.

“Nnngh… Spock, I’m gonna…”

Spock removed Kirk’s hands from his hair and pulled off.

“No!” He pulled Kirk down so their faces were only inches apart. “I have waited for many months; I will not wait any longer. You will take me. Now.”

Kirk’s breath hitched. He couldn’t believe he was hearing such words from Spock.

“Doctor McCoy,” Spock said. Kirk’s head whipped to the side. He hadn’t even noticed that Bones had returned, and was now watching them with large eyes and a raised eyebrow. He had obviously not expected this to be the outcome of the game.

“Would you please fetch the bottle of lubricant that is in the inner pocket of my robe?”

Bones’s eyebrow shot even higher, and he pointed at himself and mouthed a silent ‘Me?’

“Yes, you, Doctor.”

Spock lay down on the floor and pulled Kirk on top of him. Kirk spread Spock’s thighs with his knees and bent down and licked at Spock’s lips. Spock opened his mouth and met Kirk’s tongue with his own, and thrust it into Kirk’s mouth. Kirk rocked against Spock’s body, and they both started breathing heavier and heavier. Kirk’s nose didn’t provide him with enough air any longer, so he had to pull away.

Someone tapped Kirk’s shoulder. It was McCoy, holding a small bottle in his hand, looking more uncomfortable than Kirk could ever remember seeing him. Kirk took the bottle.

“Thanks, Bones.”

Kirk pulled back until he was kneeling between Spock’s legs, then opened the bottle and smeared the lube on his fingers. Then he spread Spock’s buttocks and began rubbing at the small hole. Spock pushed against his fingers. Kirk eased his index finger in, gently, and it slid in easily. He added one more finger, and curled them. He could feel Spock’s muscles clenching around the base of his fingers.

“One more,” Spock said with a raspy voice.

Kirk added a third finger, and continued massaging Spock’s prostate with all three fingers. Spock pushed back, trying to get as much of Kirk’s fingers inside as possible.

Kirk pulled his fingers out, and opened the bottle again. He poured a generous amount in his hand, and started stroking his own cock with it. Spock was scrutinising him with those dark eyes. Kirk took a hold of Spock’s hips and pushed his cock against Spock’s entrance. Spock effortlessly lifted his own legs onto Kirk’s shoulders.

“Now, Jim.”

Kirk pushed slowly, and the head slipped in. He continued pushing, and soon he was buried to the hilt. He let out a guttural groan. Who would have thought he was ever going to be buried inside Spock like this?

The crowd around them was bigger now, and there was hardly anyone there who wasn’t touching themselves by now. He could see the expressions of lust and pleasure on their faces. This was like porn, Kirk realised. He and Spock were giving them a free, live porn show. And he enjoyed it.

He pulled back, and pushed in again, a bit faster this time, and continued thrusting in the same rhythm. Spock closed his eyes and moaned, and when he opened his eyes again, his eyes weren’t directed at Kirk anymore. He seemed to be looking up into the air. He was probably looking at them in the mirror, Kirk thought.

What was it like, he wondered, for his Vulcan First Officer to see them together like this, to see himself being fucked by his Captain?

Then Kirk felt Spock’s legs clench tightly about his neck, and Spock locked his ankles into each other behind his neck, and he pulled his body up until he could reach around Kirk’s neck with his arms. He let his own legs fall to the floor, and then pushed Kirk until he was lying on his back, with Spock now on top.

Had Spock always been this limber? Kirk had never noticed it before. But then again, they had never engaged in this specific activity before.

Spock pulled up until only the head remained inside him, and then pushed down. A strangled sound emanated from Kirk. Spock started moving up and down Kirk’s cock, faster and faster. Kirk knew he couldn’t last much longer. He took a hold of Spock’s bobbing cock, and started stroking it at the same accelerating rhythm that Spock was keeping. Spock threw his head back.

Then suddenly, Spock came with something that sounded like a roar, and he slammed down on Kirk a few more times, spurting his cum on Kirk’s torso, his inner muscles squeezing Kirk’s cock, and Kirk was sent into ecstasy as well. He raised his hips and pounded into Spock, and came hard inside him.

Some of the spectators came as well at about the same time as them, some had come already, and some were still masturbating. Spock and Kirk turned their eyes to McCoy, who was kneeling with a softening dick in his hand, and blushed furiously when he realised Spock and Kirk were looking at him.

Spock pulled himself off Kirk’s cock, but continued to straddle him. He had a slight sheen of sweat on his skin. That was not something Kirk had seen often. He decided he liked it.

“Come here, you.”

Kirk pulled Spock up to lie by his side, and turned to lie on the side himself, so that their faces were close. Kirk licked at Spock’s upper lip.

“Mmmm… Vulcan sweat.”

He gave Spock a soft, languid kiss. One of Spock’s hands came up to Kirk’s head, and he felt Spock’s fingers curling in his hair. He broke the kiss.

“So… many months, huh?”

“Yes.” Spock kept playing with Kirk’s hair.

“What is it you’ve been waiting for, Spock? Just sex or… something more?”

The Vulcan hesitated.

In a voice that no one but Kirk could hear, he said “Love.”

Kirk lifted a hand to Spock’s cheek. “You know, Spock… I didn’t realise it until today, but I… I think I do love you.”

He could see the corners of Spock’s lips turn slightly upward.

“There is no need to play these games anymore then.”

“No, Spock.” Kirk smiled. “No more games.”

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