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Story Notes:

I am a bad man, you have full permission to kill me.

It must have been past three in the morning when the first quake came. It was a slow, shallow rumble that didn’t do much besides cause some measure of noise and freak the cat out. Jim didn’t even wake up from it, but Spock, having always been a light sleeper, snapped his eyes open, gauging the severity of the quake as no more than a 2.4 on the Richter scale, something not uncommon to that region of Vulcan.

The second quake was different.

The second quake came as catastrophe, as mountains crumbling and the nearby lake sloshing in a violent tsunami over the town on its banks. Jim and Spock and the cat were thrown violently from their bed, having only moments to grab their Starfleet trunks and the keys to the flitter before Spock’s parents’ mountain lodge, the small little house that Amanda Grayson had spent much of her long and difficult pregnancy in, crumbled away as the mountainside began to slide down towards the lake.

Loading the flitter, they began to fly at bullet-like speed towards Shi’Kahr, still more than an hour away. The way this was going, Spock had the feeling Shi’Kahr fared no better than his parents’ lodge.

Dread was illogical, dread was terrible, but dread reigned omnipresent in Spock’s mind.

“What the ever loving fuck is happening?!” Jim demanded.

Spock swallowed the feeling of his heart in his throat and spoke.

“I am uncertain, t’hy’la, but it is still happening. Look.” Spock pointed out the window, where giant slabs of rock were still crumbling.

“Whatever it is, it’s not good.” Jim said.

It was at the moment that Spock’s communicator chose to ring. The holographic image of Sarek and Amanda appeared before them, still in their nightclothes, and Amanda bore a nasty cut on her forehead.

“My sons, I am gratified you are safe. The planet is being evacuated, where are you?” He asked.

“We are flying towards your position now, Father. We estimate we will arrive in 21.52 minutes.” Spock said. “If we do not contact you shortly, please leave without us. Your safety is vital to the Vulcan people.”

“Spock, no! I won’t leave without you and Jim!” Amanda cried.

“Amanda, we’ll be there shortly, relax. But if we can’t make it, you have to go.” Jim said.

“Very well, my sons. Be well.” Sarek said.

“I love you both.” Amanda added.

Spock did something entirely illogical, but he believed it appropriate.

“I love you, too, Mother.” He said, before cutting the comm.

They flew for a few more minutes before the unthinkable happened. A nearby mountain slid forward, and the resulting debris pelted the flitter. They began a death spiral almost instantly.

Spock struggled and fought for control, and, with a heavy crash, they landed somewhat safely on the shifting desert floor.

Almost immediately, they leaped from the vehicle, grabbing the cat in his carrier and dodging falling rocks until they found a somewhat clear spot.

“Spock! We have to move! We’re only fifteen minutes walk from the city! If we run, we could pull ten!” Jim said, but it was too late. They had landed in a pass, and the sides were quickly caving in. Any hope of exit was dashed with the high cliffs blocking the exits in their collapse.

“Shit!” Jim screamed.

Spock hugged him close, and then he removed his comm. from his pocket and again called his parents. They answered almost immediately.

“Spock!” Amanda cried. This time, they were in a shuttle, based on what the two officers could see.

“Mother, we are not going to make it to your position. It is imperative you evacuate now.” Spock said matter-of-factly.

“NO! No, I won’t!” She cried.

“You must. We have been forced down by debris and are trapped in a pass with no hope of exit. I fear, unless this earthquake ends, we are doomed.” He whispered.

“Spock, Jim…” Amanda choked out.

“Go, Mother. Get to safety.” With that, Spock closed his communicator and pulled Jim close.

“Spock, it looks like this is the end.” Jim whispered into his shoulder.

“Indeed, t’hy’la. We shall depart this life together. I can think of no better way to do so.” He responded.

“I love you.”

“Taluhk nash-veh k'dular, ashayam.”

They held each other in silence as the ground beneath them cracked and crumbled and the cliffs above them began to give. At the far end of the canyon, the cliffs slid and crumbled, moving closer and closer to Jim and Spock.

“Spock…” Jim whimpered into his bondmate’s chest.

“T’hy’la, Jim.” Spock said to him.

The tsunami of rock and dust rolled towards them like a freight train. It was startlingly simple, the way it took them.

One moment, they were there, embracing each other on the floor of the canyon, the next, they were gone, buried under a sea of rock two hundred meters high.

Commander Spock and Ensign James Tiberius Kirk of Starfleet were among the six billion who died in the destruction of Vulcan.

Chapter End Notes:

Yes, I’m an asshole, feel free to pelt me with rocks, but a friend asked me to write Jim and Spock dying on Vulcan, so here you go. It’s a ficlet, I know, but it seemed more appropriate than some long, drawn out dirty detailed thing, considering how quickly Vulcan went in ST: 09. Cheers,


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