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A Healthy Dose Of Love That Is Real

"I want to keep fit and supple and healthy, I assure you!" Jim promised McCoy, who had resorted to doing Jim's check-up in the man's quarters. "There are plenty of things it's a benefit to, and comes in handy for. Not all of them are to be found along the lines of duty either!"

"If you're talking about you and our Vulcan friend, I don't want to know!" McCoy retorted, as he examined Jim, who sat before him. "Especially since not all of us have a 't'hya-wotsit', not even anything less!" McCoy grumped.

"Oh, come on, friend, I bet there's a lucky someone out there!" Jim pointed to beyond his quarters doors'.

"You do, do you?" Bones countered.

"I do! I also know you've got a good bedside manner when you choose to employ it!" Jim grinned.

"Why, thank you, kind sir!" Leonard H. McCoy found a smile, of sorts. "Now, come on, concentrate! I know Spock wouldn't altogether like you talking to me like this."

Jim tried to sit still. Yet, he moved forward to reach for McCoy's hand. "You'll find someone." He took that hand. "If not, then, Spock and I are in reserve to look after you in your old age!"

McCoy muttered. "I oughta clout you one! So did Spock! I certainly would if I weren't a Doctor, and he would, even him, if he didn't know for a fact that you love him so much!"

"A thank you would suffice!" Jim said, in good humour.

"As you alluded to earlier, I'm sure your t'hy'la does thank you, very much." Leonard paused. "And, here's my thank you..." McCoy squeezed Jim's hand, at the very least, as he continued his examination of his dear friend.

The End?

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