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You can’t leave me ~

Not now!

You just came back ~

I could finally love you,

And you love me …..


Bones do something!

You’re a doctor, damnit,

Do something!

He can’t be dead ….

He can’t

Be Quiet!

I cannot ~ not now.

Bones, later, please.

Fire God tell me

How can I continue?

To love ….

Such pain.

How is it possible that

there is such pain?

Jim why?

Why did you die?

jim ….

God no ….

Not just one ….

What do I do now?

How do I reach him?

He’ll be hurting so badly

He won’t let anyone near.

How do I keep him sane ….

Fate you are too cruel.

Why couldn’t you take both?

I could stand the suffering

But not him.


Why did only he die?
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