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Story Notes:

Im crying on the inside

Spock was gone. He was gone, and Kirk was numb. He wasn't quite sure what to think, but he knew that he had to do what Spock would have wanted for him; to move on. He had to stay alive, but that didn't mean that he wouldn't keep his memories of Spock in his heart forever.

[Spock met Jim Kirk's eyes for the first time in the transporter room. They reached out and shook hands even though Spock would never have shaken hands with anyone else. There was something about this human that was... different. He decided to try and get to know the human better.]

[Spock was aggrevated that Jim Kirk was so brash and irrational at the best of times. He was swaggering and cocky... and a complete womanizer from what Spock could tell. He wondered if they could ever become friends when they had such different personalities... but then they started to save each other from dangers in turn, and Spock began to rethink his assessment of Jim. He began talking with Jim in his quarters after the incident with Gary Mitchell.]

[Spock met his eyes in shock as he spun around after talking with McCoy about his resignation because of Kirk's demise. They smiled at each other, and Spock knew that he would always protect his captain and his friend. His t'hy'la.]

[Spock lay in Jim's arms, his breathing heavy as he tried to stay alive long enough to be transported back to the ship. The bullet had gone straight through his body, but it had come out. The one upside was that it would save some surgery time. But Jim was holding him so close, his protection flowing through their touch like fire. But Spock knew that he wouldn't be able to stay there much longer. He had to... had to... But Jim held on until they were both safe back on the ship, and even when his hands let go, his mind still clung to Spock's like a rope, preventing him from going down.]

[Spock knew it wasn't Jim by then, and the captain could see it in his eyes. He was finally being believed by someone, and maybe Janice Lester would finaly get out of his body and out of his life forever. Their minds were drawn together, and they knew it.]

[Spock opened his eyes to see Jim sitting there beside him after his meld with V'Ger. Their eyes met with a bright smile and Spock knew that this was his final answer, not logic. His t'hy'la was the only thing he needed, and he would stay with him as his friend/soulbrother forever...]

Jim raised his head and opened his eyes. Spock was his closest friend, still, and even though he was no longer alive, he would always remain alive within Jim's heart. As long as he was remembered... and loved.

But the end of one lifetime was the beginning of another.

Chapter End Notes:

The different fonts were just to separate the memories that Jim/Spock were having. This story is supposed to be friendship, but I suppose it could be interpreted as a touch slashy. If you want to have them be together in this, than alright. But this story was mainly a way for me to get out some of the feeling I was havng when I found out about Nimoy's death this morning. Please review! Was it a nice tribute?

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