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Story Notes:

[This story is based off one I saw on this archive as well as a few relation elements from the anime Black Butler. Please don't take this as a stolen idea, it's just the only thing inspiring me right now. Besides, my story won't be the same even if the positions of the characters are in some aspect.]

Author's Chapter Notes:

I think I'll set up the first chapter to read like a movie transcript. If people don't like it, then I'll go back to my regular style for the rest of the story. But please rate and review, and tell me if I need to change the writing style.


{The president is sitting in a large, lavish room, but it is somewhere secret so that he can speak with the current leader of VUlcan in secret. The room is decorated with black paint and the occasional purple swirl mixed in to try and disguise where he is, when in reality, he is just in the basement of his house.}

PRESIDENT UHURA: Lord Sarek, I am telling you that this is a matter of the utmost importance. I have heard from outside sources that there is a plot from the Klingons to attack the Federation soon enough, and my daughter is gaining too much popularity for her own good.

SAREK: [on a screen] Mr. President, I cannot say that what these sources are telling you is true. However, I do know that the Klingons have been becoming ever more hostile when they reach Federation territory. They are killing more and more Federation vessels that even approach their territory.

PRESIDENT UHURA: I know, and that is exactly why I will not risk my daughter's life. You will help me find a suitable bodyguard and our family, as a whole, needs a butler, or something of the sort. Nyota keeps demanding someone to come in and fill that position for us, insisting that we have to be like 'those rich families of the old days when they had butlers ad servents and everything'. She proclaimed it romantic, even. I don't like it, but she'll buy her own with my money if I refuse to get her one. She's brilliant in manipulation.

SAREK: [on screen] I know. She has already manipulated several of my people into going into Starfleet, but with different techniques.

PRESIDENT UHURA: I'm sorry, Sarek. I wish there were something I could do, but there really isn't. Oh, well. But she does need a protector and a butler, or else-

NYOTA UHURA: (enters from behind, not bothering to knock) What's that about someone needing a butler and a protector? Oh, hi, Sarek.

SAREK: You are as manipulative as ever, Miss Uhura.

NYOTA UHURA: Thank you. Now, if you're going to finally get me that butler, Father, then HE had better be Vulcan. I refuse to accept one from anywhere else.

PRESIDENT UHURA: Why is that, darling?

SAREK: [on screen] Yes, I should [in his room with the Uhuras on screen] be most interested to know of your interest as well of my people. We are a peacful race and do not accept violence of any kind. [on screen] If you truly want a Vulcan as a bodyguard, then I suggest you accept one who has studied in the ancient arts of battle and one who is willing to sacrifice his life for duty to a violent nature.

NYOTA UHURA: Are there any Vulcans like that, Sarek, or are you pulling my leg to get revenge on me? It won't work if you try and manipulate me, you know.

SAREK: I know that better than anyone, Miss Uhura. [on screen] But no, I speak of my son, Schn-T Gaii Spock, second son of Sarek and son of Amanda Greyson. [in his room] He has studied in the arts of violence, and I do not accept that. He has said many times that he, in turn, does not accept modern VUlcan culture but that he has accepted the need to keep his emotions in check so they do not destroy him. He is driven solely by loyalty and the duty involved in loyalty. [on screen] He refuses to accept any as a love interest and has rejected his betrothed. He says that it will make him more effective during his Pon Farr so that he can fight with greater strength.

NYOTA UHURA: I'll take him now if you don't mind.

PRESIDENT UHURA: Now hold on, Nyota, we can't just ask this man for his son-

NYOTA UHURA: I'll BUY him for several thousand of your credits if necessary. (to Sarek) Send him to us, and we shall send you generous compensation.

SAREK: I will not accept money in place of my son. You shall have to do better than that.

NYOTA UHURA: What can I offer you that will compesate for your son? My katra?

PRESIDENT UHURA: Nyota! You don't know what you're saying! If you do this, then you'll be kept alive in a jar or containment device without a body! It's an experience worse than death!

NYOTA UHURA: I don't give a damn, father, if that's what it takes to get this Spock from his father. Or would you rather I offer your katra instead?

[silence, pausing, waiting]

SAREK: I shall accept your offer of your katra in return for my son. When you near the end of your life, or if Spock is killed in your defense, a Vulcan shall be sent to collect your katra for me.

NYOTA UHURA: Deal. Now tell your son he is coming to work for a human woman of-

PRESIDENT UHURA: I refuse this! (to Nyota) If you sacrifice this, then I shall never be able to look you in the eye again without hatred at what you are doing.

NYOTA UHURA: I'm your daughter. You can't hate me, or you aren't my father. (turns and leaves, her ponytail swinging behind her and exits through the door she entered through)

SAREK: I told you that I knew she was manipulative. And not in a good way, either. I do not desire her katra, but if that is what she will offer, then I shall take it. Or I shall let SPock take it. [on screen] After all, he is the one who is committing the true sacrifice.

{The screen goes dark and the President blinks a few times before walking out after his daughter}

Chapter End Notes:

Well? Please rate and review so I know how to style my next chapter. I said it had some elements of BLack Butler for those of you who may have seen the show or read the manga.

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