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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hi, just a chapter of setting the scene. Please stay with it as hopefully it gets better :)

Chau Beta V was the fifth planet in the “Golden System”. Technically, it was the Chau Fina System but Jim preferred “Golden System” because it managed to purvey some of the majesty that the system was there to offer. T

here were 6 M-class planets had been turned into gigantic pleasure planets, whatever you took pleasure in, it was there. However, the seventh planet was far from pleasurable; on the outskirts of the system, past the belt of Danesh was Chau Theta. Chau Theta was a tiny planet surrounded by a ring of decaying space rubbish and rock; the Chilians who despised the other six planets inhabited it. Because of its polluted atmosphere and lack of natural beauty, it was deemed unfit for any type of tourism.

However, Jim didn’t dare dwell upon politics today; it was the last day of his shore leave before embarking upon a big political movement that was taking place on Vulcan. He lounged back upon the sand – No more politics – he thought to himself, He had left a nearby bistro where people had kept gawping over him and now had found a secluded beach where he was now sat. All the beaches of Chau Beta V had red sand and when it mingled with the sea, it turned a deep purple that reminded Jim of the filling of a Plum pie.

Behind the hilltops, the sun was slowly crawling down as if it was tired from the day but the heat still radiated through Jim’s body, caressing his aching bones. Dammit, I’m still young why do I have the bones of a 70 year old – he amused himself thinking of what Bones’ response would be. Well Jim if you didn’t keep throwing yourself into every fi-

“Why the nature bless you sir, are you well?”

A diminutive woman emerged from behind one of the rocks and laid her eyes upon Jim. Her unassuming smile illuminated her face as she spoke the traditional greeting in a hushed tone. She had a heart-shaped face that was of a faint amaranth hue, which was accentuated by her mauve hair. It flowed down her hair where it was occasionally interrupted by flower-which Jim though to be Monkshood - and curled at the edges.

“Oh yeah aha, I’m good. Just admiring the view you’ve got going on, join me?”

The lady moved with an elegance unbeknownst to Jim as she sat down beside him. Her knees pulled up to her chest and her eyes darting around as if she was trying to understand everything.

“I'm Jim, Jim Kirk” – he offered out there, hoping it would calm her down a bit. The crazy eyes were a bit off putting.

“Nalia” – she timidly said.

“Well I don’t know about you Nalia but this scene is striking”. This is the only thing you can’t get on a ship – Jim thought to himself – No beaches to laze upon, just Klingons attempting to kill me.

Nalia turned to look at him and smirked at him as if she read his mind. She reached into her bag and pulled out a regular-sized bottle with a woven covering.

“Would you care for a drink? My mother brews it herself” – Nalia carefully placed the bottle into his hand and pressed his fingers firmly around them. Until now Jim had forgotten about everything but just  a simple question has triggered his mind into working again.

“You know what?” – He beamed the patented James T Kirk smile – “I'm parched”

Jim clasped the bottle, unscrewed the lid and in one fluid action, placed the bottle to his lips. A nectarous drink flowed down his oesophagus leaving behind pulsing warmth that seemed to surge into his mind.

“Woah what was that?” he gradually stood up and fumbled around until he fell upon a rock. His legs desired to sleep but his mind wanted to run about and party.

“It is a customary drink for my people; some out worlder find it pleasing”

“Pleasing? Woo I got it buzzing in my body, I just wanna party…hey that rhymes!”

Jim began to spin in a circle. It seemed the right thing to do.

“Sir, I think something is wrong?”

Jim stopped and gazed at her with determination. But then fell to his knees in front of her.

“No,” he pointed his finger at her, his face barely a few inches from hers, “something is most definitely right”. And with that he fell on his stomach in fits of giggles whilst began tossing and turning, hardly noticing his communicator fly from him and open.

“Commander Spock here sir, is everything okay?”

Nalia scampered to the talking machine; maybe this Spock could help Jim.

“Hello, I am Nalia?”

“I am unfamiliar with any crew member with that name. Who may you be and why do you have a Starfleet communicator?”

“Please sir, a golden man in yellow cloths named Jim, sir. He drank a liquid now seems to be in distress”

“How did this precisely occur?”

Nalia felt tears well up in her eyes – “I not – I sorry sir. I did not know it would affect him. I thought he enjoy it”

“Very well, someone will be there to help. Stay near the Captain to maintain him from harm”

Chapter End Notes:

Just a build up, sometime soon that baby is going to be made :)

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