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Amanda sat down in the armchair beside Jim's.

He looked to her, knowing she was about to tell him something.

"Time for talking, Jim, human to human." She announced gently. As she spoke, McCoy came into the room.

"You asked to see me, Amanda?" McCoy queried.

"Yes, the two of you both." She looked from McCoy to Kirk, and back to Doctor Leonard H. McCoy. "Sit down, Leonard." She suggested, warmly.

"What's going on, Lady Grayson?" Jim pondered aloud. "Saavik has been around a lot, and the Healers are more present than ever. Is she expecting his baby?"

"No, Jim." Amanda paused.

"Is it some Vulcan rule that they must get married?" Jim questioned.

"No. They're not getting married." She patiently explained.

"Since I'm here, it's something Medical regarding Spock, isn't it?" Leonard reasoned, sitting in a seat beside Jim.

"Yes." Amanda began.

Jim's hands shook, as he held on to the armrests of his chair.

Amanda sat forward, her shawl moving with her, and she gently touched Jim's nearest hand. "He's the one expecting the baby, James." She furthered.

"What??" Jim was perplexed, to say the least. He turned to McCoy. "Did you know this could happen?"

"I've heard little more than folklore about it, my friend." Leonard noted, honestly.

"Some Vulcans are born with what I can only manage to term, perhaps, inaccurately, as double helix gender." Amanda continued. "Spock is one of them. Sarek isn't, but his grandmother was. Hence, it went down the genetic line to Spock. It does not mean that he is, secretly, female. He is not." She informed the two men before her.

"It means that his body can 'secrete' ovum, into a cavity of his own, somewhere, at a time of mating, doesn't it - And, that his partner, if male, or, if, like Saavik, who must also be of 'Double Helix Gender?" McCoy paused for confirmation.

"Yes." Amanda gave it.

"... Can secrete their equivalent of Vulcan sperm, and thus, deliver it - and be the other 'donor' in the conception of a child... It could still have happened the way it happens for human men and women, as well, or, perhaps, instead of how it occurred between Saavik and Spock's reproductive systems, - but it didn't happen 'the old fashioned way' for them." McCoy noted.

Jim looked back from Bones, to Amanda. "So, is he going to keep the baby?"

"Yes. I believe he feels that he may as well do what he is designed to do, especially since it is the opinion of some that, because of his hybrid nature, the more dominant part of his reproductive system, is very likely to be sterile." Amanda answered. "That, and the fact that my son has an over-riding respect for life, and, believe it or not, a great deal of love in his heart."

"I believe it. I promise you that." He earnestly told Spock's mother.

"That love is one of the reasons that he is adamant that he will stand beside you all at the court martial on Earth." Amanda told them.

"He doesn't have to. He has so very much to cope with." Jim fathomed.

"He is absolutely determined!" Amanda exclaimed. "He will not leave you, Jim. You will keep a close eye on him, won't you, you two?" She asked his friends.

"Totally." Jim replied.

"Unerringly." The Doctor promised.

"What will happen between him and Saavik, when the court martial over my mission to Genesis, is done with?" Jim looked to Amanda.

"I think, and I hope that Spock will be the one to have custody of the child, though Saavik is a different woman to Sybok's mother. She will still be a part of the child's life, I believe." Amanda mused.

"Who is Sybok?" Both Jim and McCoy asked, at the same time.

"Spock never told you?" Amanda questioned. She paused. "Sybok is Spock's half brother.

"No. He never told us." McCoy answered, looking concernedly at Jim, who looked somewhat taken aback, again.

"When I met Sarek, he was, to put it simply, a 'single father'. He and his chosen, his 'wife', had been betrothed to one another, much like Spock and T'Pring were. I always knew I should never have sanctioned that damn Betrothal - but it was Sarek's hope that it would ensure acceptance, and, a future for our son - as well as a family to be part of, if, one day, he and I were no longer here. Though, of course, Spock was never intended to actually marry into that family until he was at least, in human years, around the age of twenty seven; thirty four even." She paused. "Anyway, I digress." She realised. "Sarek married, as his family history and his bloodline dictated. His then wife gave birth to Sybok, but soon after, decided that she should become a Vulcan Priestess. Now, such things as Pon Farr are dealt with 'in house', when you go to Soleya, and it was not necessary, nor recommended, that she remain married to Sarek. So, Sarek was left to parenthood alone - and, when he and I met, Sybok was precisely two Earth years old."

"So, you raised Sybok?" Jim asked.

"Pretty much." Amanda commented. "Yet, he escaped Betrothal, where Spock didn't. Mind you, Sybok, dear soul, was somewhat 'thrown' into an equally unsuitable life, by his mother. She decided that a life dedicated solely to logic, like hers, would suit him best, and so, his cross to bear became the rigors of 'Logic Training'. I should have put my foot down over this issue as well. I regret some things incredibly deeply."

Jim was still quiet, but eventually, he spoke. "How will Spock and Saavik's baby be born?"

"As part of the period of gestation and development, a birth canal grows within Spock, and an opening through which the baby will enter the world." Amanda mentioned.

"The opening is in his abdomen, isn't it? Directly below his navel. A 'fold', for want of a better word, comes into being, and gradually, opens up, doesn't it?" McCoy asked.

"Yes. It's hugely painful, I would imagine, and I have been told." Amanda fretted. "It happens, over time, within the last two months of the ten month pregnancy."

"We'll help him." Jim spoke up. "Can I tell him yet, that you've told Bones and I?"


"Hi." Jim said to Spock, as Spock invited him into this room.

"Hello." Spock replied. "Are you alright, Captain?" He paused. "Sorry, you are an Admiral now, are you not?"

"I am Jim, Spock, and shouldn't I be asking if you're alright?" Jim mentioned carefully.

"I am well. My progress with my mind and memory is more than satisfactory." He paused, staring at Jim. "But it's not that part of my health's status about which you enquire, is it? You know."

"Yes. Bones and I know." Jim admitted.

"Mother?" Spock inquired.

"Don't hold it against her." Jim said.

"I have no intention of doing so." Spock replied.

"Spock, you don't have to come to the court martial." Jim stood in front of him.

"I believe that women of your planet are known, when pregnant, to say 'I am pregnant, not sick.'" Spock noted. "I want to be with you, Jim."

Jim smiled, touching Spock's arm. "The crew will be fine."

"I hope so, Jim." Spock said.

"You, hope?!" Jim smiled.

"For you, Jim. For my friends, too, but especially for you." Spock tried to reiterate.

"I'll be fine, and I'll be around for you, if you want me to be?" Jim promised.

"You do not owe me anything. It is quite the opposite." Spock said, sitting down on one of the seats in his rooms, and indicating that Jim should do the same.

"Not true, Spock. Besides, it isn't about that. I want to continue to be around in your life." Jim confided.

"And I in yours, Jim..." Spock answered.

"They are opening up new departments at Utopia Planetia Ship Yard. We all know about ship design and development there - but there will apparently be new Science Projects. Medicinal. Botanics. Conservation. Architectural Teams. A Diplomatic Convention Hall. A whole new Base, or Complex, or whatever you want to call it." Jim told his dearest friend. "You could certainly get a job there. There will be apartments built for Starfleet families."

Spock looked down at his abdomen, where, apparently, the baby was already 'settling in'. "When I start 'showing', it will be from here" Spock touched the top of his right hip, and moved across his abdomen, in a diagonal motion, to the inner top of his left thigh, "and the baby will be born from here," he indicated a faint slit, beginning to show, and grow already, below his navel.

Jim moved closer, cautiously. "Are you alright?"

Spock looked up, into Jim's eyes, resolutely. "Yes."

Jim stared at Spock.

Spock did not waver. "I will manage." He said.

"Spock, whatever happens, you and I can figure it out together, if that's what you want? There's more to life than starships."

Spock scrutinised Jim. "Jim, I..."

Jim looked to him gently.

"I am grateful." Spock told him.

"But?" Jim pondered.

"But nothing." Spock stated.

"You can do anything, can be, with anyone you wish, Spock. Anyone. No need to be grateful either." Jim moved across the floor, to Spock, and knelt down in front of him. He wanted to hold Spock's hands.

"Jim, similarly, you have done more than enough on my behalf. You did not owe me anything, and you do not owe me now." Spock stared at Jim again.

"I know, but I..." Jim rubbed his hands on his thighs.

"What, Jim? Please, tell me." Spock encouraged.

Jim looked up then, straight at Spock. "I'm in love with you."

Spock breathed very steadily, and deliberately.

"Are you okay?" Jim moved quickly, and sat beside Spock.

Spock turned to Jim, trying not to cry. "I know that I am in the process of getting my full memory back, but I believe I have wanted to hear you say that for a very, very long time."

"You love me?" Jim asked, sudden tears in his eyes.

"Yes, Jim, I do." Spock stated. "I'm sure of it. Truly, I am."

Jim wiped tears from his eyes. His hands were joined there by Spock's, so gentle. He smiled at the Vulcan, and they moved their hands into an O'zhesta kiss. Then, slowly, they shared a human kiss.


"I'm so happy for you, I can't tell ya!" Gillian smiled, kissing Kirk's cheek.

"Thanks!" Jim grinned back.

"...Can I ask you something..?" Gillian stood there, as she and Jim looked at Spock, standing and talking to his father, who had been present at the court martial, the whole way through.

"Go on..." Jim gave her the go ahead.

"Commander Spock - is he -"She paused, "is he pregnant?"

"Yes!" Jim smiled. "He is."

"Congratulations, Admiral, to both of you..!" Gillian said happily.

Jim didn't explain the whole story. Instead, simply, he said, "Thank You!"

Gillian smiled again. "Tell Doctor McCoy I say hello..." She suddenly thought, as she remembered his 'down' south' charisma warmly, and his lovely, if somewhat grumpy face, as he was 'squished' into sitting next to Spock and Jim, when she'd collected the three men in her van. "I guess I might see you around; I hear they are bringing a wildlife conservation unit to your new place of work, Utopia Planetia? The Marine Biology ship I've been assigned to, well, it's likely to drop by, isn't it?"

Jim smiled genuinely. "Yes - and congratulations to you on the new job!"
"Go be with Spock, Jim. You'll be very happy together." Gillian touched Jim's arm, and walked away.

"I know." Jim smiled. "I know!" His smile grew ever deeper, as he looked at his T'hy'la across the room, and their eyes met. Jim walked to Spock's side, to be with him.

The End..?

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