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The Captain Who Came in the Tea


Once there was a very logical Vulcan called Spock,

And he was having a hot cup of tea, alone,

in his quarters.

Suddenly, there was a chime at the door.


Spock wondered, ‘who could that be?’

It couldn’t be the doctor

At this advanced hour.

Nor Chekov, or Sulu or Scotty,

because this isn’t the shift they work.


And it can’t be Uhura,

Because she’s in the mess singing.

Very well, “Come,” Spock said,

So he could see.


The doors opened at the threshold,

And there was the captain

Dressed in gold.

He said, “Pardon me, Mister Spock,

But I thought you might want to have dinner

With me—Oh hey…is that tea?”


Spock nodded and said, “Of course, Captain, come in.”


So the Captain came in and sat with Spock at the

table in the Vulcan’s quarters. He said, “Please, Spock, call me Jim.”


“Jim,” Spock said, “would you care for some plomeek soup?”

But Jim didn’t just eat a bowl of soup.

He ate all the soup in the pot,

And swallowed it in four long gulps. Gulp!


Yet, Spock noticed that he still looked hungry,

So Spock passed him the crackers.


But again, Jim didn’t just eat just some crackers.

He at all the crackers on the plate.

And then, he ate all the fruit,

And all the salad

Until there was nothing

Left to eat on the table.


So Spock, with an eyebrow raised, asked,

“Are you also thirsty, Jim?”

Jim shook his head and,

instead, placed a bar of chocolate

on the Vulcan’s empty plate.


“Thank you for dinner,” Jim said.

“Now, let’s have some desert.”

And Jim fed Spock all the chocolate,

Until it was all gone.


“Captain,” Spock said, “is there anymore chocolate?”

Jim looked around Spock’s quarters,

To see what else he could find.

He ordered hot cocoa from the replicator,

strawberries and fondue.

And chocolate sauce with

Ice cream too.


They ate all the strawberries,

the ice cream and drank the cocoa.

Then slowly together they drifted,

Closer…and closer.


Spock was yet still hungry, and he said,

“Jim, you look delicious, in

that particular shade of gold.”


Jim smiled and replied,

“Spock, have I ever told you,

how much I’d like you to eat my hole?”


So Jim bent over the Vulcan’s table,

As Spock knelt down upon his knees.

He went to town on the Captain,

and he sucked and licked all there was to suck and lick, and lick.

He soon fingered with all his fingers,

Then he unrobed all their robes.


The Captain panted,

“Yes Spock, that’s it, right there!”

And Spock fucked all he could fuck,

Until he came with a roar.


Jim’s knees were weak and his body began to quake,

With the force of his desire.

Then Spock’s hand was around his pecker--

Touch, pull, squeeze!

Jim reached for a receptacle,

And then,

his jizz was in the tea.


Chapter End Notes:


If you need me, I'll be hiding under my rock, formally known as the porn cave.

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