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Story Notes:

Written for dunderklumpen for fandom_stocking.

Anteaters and Giant Potatoes


"There's the Big Dipper, that's the Anteater, that one's the Giant Potato…."


"You are making these up," Spock tells him, with a hint of amusement.


"Some of them," Kirk admits cheerfully. McCoy is asleep, citing too much excitement, so the two of them have been forced to make their own entertainment. Admittedly stargazing wasn't his first choice, but Spock vetoed that one, so here they are. "Ah," he says, pointing upwards again, "there's one I always liked. Orion. The hunter."


"Does he hunt anteaters?" Spock asks innocently, and Kirk laughs.


"I don't think so," he says. "But that would've made my lessons a lot more interesting."


He gives up on stargazing for the moment and curls closer to Spock. "I love you," he says. "No one else puts up with my nonsense."


"That is their loss," Spock replies, fingers stroking across Kirk's. Kirk smiles, clasping Spock's hand in his before bringing it to his temple. It wouldn't be right to have sex with McCoy sleeping so close – his earlier suggestion aside, he does agree with Spock on that one – but there are other kinds of intimacy.

Spock's mind touches his and then they are flying, out among the stars. Together.

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