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Author's Chapter Notes:

Spock discovers that even the best Vulcans have limits.

Spock closed his eyes an counted to 10. He counted in standard then in Romulen, Klingon and Vulcan and yet again in 4 different dialects of Vulcan. He exhaled a long controlled release of breath, trying to calm his rising temper. His temper...Vulcans did not suffer from disharmony of the tempers, however sorely they were tried and this Vulcan was at present being pushed to the limit of his control if not his very sanity. 

There were few things in this galaxy, or the next, that could put so much as a ripple the calm composure of Commander Spock, schooled as he had been in the rigours and disciplines of Vulcan teaching.   Romulans, Klingons, Andorians or Deltans barely rated a twitch of one graceful eyebrow. Neither Harry Mudd or Cyrano Jones, that idiot with the tribbles, had scored higher than scathing Vulcan indifference. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, CMO. Now he was indeed a fully paid up member of the aggravation squad, oh yes, however he was not present, oh no. On this occasion he was not the source of Spock's uncharacteristic lapse of sang froid. So that left only one other being, who could move the insouciant first officer to such a flagrant demonstration of emotion. That left only the head honcho, the alpha male, the top dog in the irritation department...James T Kirk. 

SPORES. Obviously it had to be spores, it was always bloody spores, not something slipped in his drink, not a virus, bacteria or green death worm...oh no, always sodding spores. Damn, Spock cursed... and then cursed himself for cursing.

Despite his internal frustration Spock's sable eyes were implacable as they met Kirk's hazel, unnaturally bright as they were with fever. Spock's nostrils flared almost imperceptibly as he inhaled the sharp scent of fervid sweat which leaked from each and every one of Kirk's pores. He raised his hands to grasp Kirk's forearms with long strong fingers, urging his Captain to be seated on the bunk. "Captain, Jim, please try to calm yourself, please sit"

Kirk sat perched on the edge of the bunk his eyes flicking round the room resting nowhere for more than a second. His body twitched with uncontainable energy, his fingers drumming against his thighs, his feet tapping the floor in an arrhythmic counterpoint. The only positive improvement Spock noted, with no small degree of relief, was that at least Kirk had stopped talking. Up until now this usually eloquent man had maintained an endless stream of erratic dialogue, an incessant soliloquy that had driven the Vulcan to this present state personal frustration. 

There was a soft sigh, the door to medical quarantine slid open to allow entry to public irritant number two in Spock's current pantheon of vexatious recidivists. On this occasion he allowed his natural antipathy to the well meaning Doctor to be repressed, "Bones" was doing what needed to be done and he did have Kirk's best interests at heart however misguided some of his remedies seemed on occasion.

"Spock, do you want me to relieve you for a while? You have been here with the Captain for 36 hours straight and his vitals still show the effects of the spores; increased heart rate, nervous energy, muscle spasm..."

"I assure you Doctor I am fully aware of the effects of the spores on the Captains physiology, and that I am quite able to maintain my position here with him, my stamina is as you know full well, far in excess of that of a human" 

If McCoy took the rebuke personally he did not show it. Spock, realised that his short tone was likely signalling his failing ability to control his emotions, giving Bones additional cause for concern and he relented a little. He did not want the good Doctor in any way distracted from the most important task in hand. 

"Thank you for your offer Doctor. M'benga did offer to relieve me earlier. Unfortunately my attempt to leave seemed to cause the Captain further agitation; as you both agree that the use of a sedative at this time would place too great a strain on the Captain's internal organs, it would seem best that I stay until his body can rid itself naturally of the toxins transmitted by the spores" 

McCoy nodded, noting that even the simple removal of Spock's hands from Kirk's forearms seemed to cause a further surge in the mans hyperactive state. 

Kirk was on his feet again, pacing the confines of the stark room like a caged animal taking in animated fashion. 

"Bones, oh hi Bones, it is good to see you, do you know my friend Spock...oh of course you do. You know he really is not good company at all today, I keep trying to get him to talk to me but you know he just will not open up....I guess it is that whole Vulcan 'do not show emotion' thing. Still now you are here we can get the party started...unless you are going to let me out of here because I am sure I am not contagious and I have a ton of things I need to do, at least I think I do. Anyway I have stacks of energy and I feel great so perhaps I should get out there and do...whatever it is that needs doing. You know those spores really are good, perhaps we should get the whole crew on them, we would get so much done..."

Spock pursed his lips and with enormous strength of will prevented a sigh from escaping. "Perhaps Doctor, you could concentrate on finding an antidote for the spores effects, and leave me to watch the Captain. I might be able to maintain him in a less agitated state if you were not present".

McCoy nodded and left the room. Spock was right, he was of more use in the lab overseeing the team looking for a chemical counter poison. They had been steadily working their way through a number of reagents, looking for a solution with no success and McCoy was growing concerned that Kirk's hyperactivity was not decreasing. The increased heart rate and overstimulated body functions were placing a strain on his vital organs, although he knew it could be risky the use of a sedative or even an induced coma was beginning to seem like the only solution.

Kirk continued to pace...and talk. "Spock....oh Spocko, Spock, Spock, Spockity Spock Spock. Have I ever told you how much I like the way your name sounds? Spock, SPOCK. Spock Spock Spock Spock Spock. 

He was facing the Vulcan now, close enough that Spock could feel the Captains unnaturally warm breath on his cheek. Too close. In the year that they had worked together Spock's regard for this unique human had grown far beyond his expectation. They had worked together, fought side by side and of late increasingly spent much of their recreational time together. Comfortable with their own company Spock had been amazed to find himself warming to this man, who's seemingly mercurial temperament belied a fierce intelligence and staunch loyalty to his few close friends, his crew and Starfleet. Spock had recognised this rare and unexpected bond of fraternity and friendship and was pleased by it. But there was something more, an uncharacteristic wish for something further, a desire to take this friendship to another level. On Vulcan it would be recognised as T'hy'la, an honourable state for two men who shared this fraternal bond but who were also lovers. Regretfully as far as Spock could ascertain there was no reciprocal state within the Human definition. Furthermore Kirk's libidinous tendencies were extensive and frequent when the situation was appropriate and occasionally when it was not. The mans appetites were voracious. Kirk could love with a passion and judging by the responses of his many partners with considerable skill. His partners were by no means of a type, no one could accuse James Kirk of any form of prejudice or  discrimination, consequently Spock was reasonably sure that an approach by a male Vulcan would not cause offence. But Kirk's liaisons whether they be taken as far as the bedroom or not all had one consistent feature...brevity. Whilst Spock was certain that a night with Kirk would be a transcendent pleasure; it was not worth the cost to their friendship, working relationship or to his own heart. 

So here he stood, a breath away from his Captain and friend, and surely the spores must be affecting him through some arcane osmotic process because a part of his mind had been seriously weighing up how punitive the punishment would be for using a phaser on star fleets finest and brightest, and not necessarily on stun. 

Perhaps if he could persuade Kirk to sit again. Spock took Kirk's forearms and steered the uncooperative man towards the bunk, ignoring the heat emanating from the proximate body and the smell of the mans sweat and...gods....the pheromones.

"Why Spock, are you trying to get me into bed? How wonderful, you know I have wondered why you didn't want me. I mean I know Vulcans do not really go for that kind of thing but you are half human after all, I mean we spend all that time together, and you must have noticed how much I like your company. Don't you want me Spock? Because I want you - I do, I think you are so attractive, you know in that strong silent way, aloof, that it that's the word, be aloof - Star-fleet needs loofs" and with that Kirk collapsed into Spock's arms giggling helplessly. 

This time Spock did not even try to withhold the long sigh that escaped his lips. With stoic patience that was impressive  even by Vulcan standards he lifted Kirk and placed him in a heap onto the bunk carefully disentangling himself from Kirk's ensnaring arms. 

"Oh Spock, I am sorry have I upset you, I did not mean to offend you. I mean I know Vulcans do do stuff, you know all that bonding and t'hy'la stuff and I think that is great but you know you don't have to do that whole 'Vulcans are not just for Christmas' stuff If you don't feel that way, I understand you want a Vulcan for that or maybe a girl, or maybe a girl Vulcan but you know I would not mind if you just wanted a quickie,I mean I would not be clingy or anything. Clingy, like a Klingon...hahaha, I made another joke"

Spock just stood, rooted to the spot on which he stood. He no longer heard Kirk's endless monologue, all he could hear was the blood rushing in his ears and the endless loop of Kirk's words circling around in his head repeating over and over "you know all that bonding and t'hy'la stuff and I think that is great but you know you don't have to do that whole 'Vulcans are not just for Christmas' stuff If you don't feel that way" he was not sure quite what the reference to not just for Christmas meant but he was fairly sure he got the jist. Kirk was fully aware of the meaning of T'hy'la, of course he was, he made it his business to understand the cultural mores of all his crew that was the mark of this man. Surely it did not mean anything more. In this state he was simply rambling clearly tachyphrasia was a symptom of the spores along with increased metabolic rates. Spock firmly strengthened his mental defences and closed off all and any glimmers of hope. 

Gods this man would try the patience of a saint...a Vulcan...a Vulcan Saint. He was up again, walking into Spock's personal space with his miasma of pheromones and that musky pervasive scent that reminded Spock of those intimate evenings spent playing chess or in companionable discourse. He was talking again, or perhaps still and Spock just wanted him no needed him to shut up, just for one minute. 

Looking back Spock was never sure if he was intending to embrace the man or neck pinch him. Which ever it was he was very certain he had not got the least intention of doing what he did do. 

Spock's ego and superego must have taken leave and fled his body because all that was left, the only controlling factor left in his mind was the id and despite years of training and discipline Spock's id knew precisely what it wanted...and it took it. 

Spock held Kirk's face in his hands leaning in to close that small remaining gap between them and then he kissed him. Not a chaste kiss such as he was required to give his mother on occasion. Oh no... A full on kiss, loaded  with all the aggression that months of pent up desire could muster, and that was no small amount. The force of Spock's assault propelled Kirk backwards stopped only by the physical intervention of the bulk head. Once Kirk was pinned against this inflexible barrier Spock was able to pursue his coup de main with more intent. He shifted his grip to restrain Kirk's arms at his side his lips pressing hard, tongue demanding admittance. Having gained entry Spock plundered that cavity with abandon tasting and exploring each part searing the sensations into his memory because he knew this was never to be, could never, be allowed to happen again. 

Then is was done, Spock stood starring into the eyes of his Captain, hands still firm about Kirk's now unresisting wrists. Somewhere deep in his mind Spock tried to assimilate what had passed between them and the inevitable repercussions of this foolhardy act. Overwhelmed as he was by his own emotional and physical responses, as well as the mental assault caused by Kirk's spore stimulated febrile impulses he almost failed to note that he had at least achieved his primary aim, Kirk was silent!

Spock's reverie was interrupted by the hiss of the door. McCoy entered brandishing a hypo and looking inordinately pleased with himself, closely followed by M'Benga. Neither man registered surprise at Spock's proximity to the captain and Spock was too well controlled to give himself away with any sudden withdrawal. "Spock, I think we've got it, this should do the trick. Simple really once we made the connection..." 

Spock stepped back, breaking the connection with Kirk, who was stood staring at his second in command, mouth set in a moue of amusement and a look in his eye, which could mean only one thing. Spock's peremptory behaviour had started a wordless conversation, and that conversation was not concluded...oh no, not by a long way.

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