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Originally published in 2005 in The Celebration Zine, the 100th issue of The K/S Press.


I was born again in your eyes.


Your gaze held mine.  I sought

out fragments from the many pieces

lost, scattered

obliterated into fathomless dark


and there was yet

a subtle light

a hidden path

an entry, sealed.




Your eyes illuminated

a rocky way.

the tiniest trace

of handholds remained. I saw

the next place

I could stand.


I took the step.


Your name is Jim.


Then there were words

to solidify concepts

but lessen the meaning

Symbols only

of a greater reality

now guessed at, viewed

through a broken lens


I can answer all questions

save one


long stream of data

an uninterrupted flow

but there is error


there is emotion


an irritation, encapsulated by logic


How do you feel?


The journey waits. I take my place

by your side

the path perceived

in some greater clarity

a simple narrow way

diverging slowly into ease


I know your name.


I know the way.


* * *


It has been one solar year.  We stand

on the bridge of your ship

our ship



In the darkness of our cabin, earlier

our flesh touched

hands and minds

in your way, and in mine


I made us One.

You made me whole.

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