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Or, the one where Spock is good (mostly) and is weary of the Empire's policies (all the time). Kirk is just a convenient alternative, really. Mirrorverse, gen.

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Genres: Kirk-Spock Friendship
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Story Type: Action/Plot, Angst, Character Study
Trope (OPTIONAL): Hurt Spock
Universe: Mirror Universe, ST:TOS Original Universe
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Published: 08/19/2013 Updated: 08/20/2013

1. Chapter 1 by Werewolvesarereal [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstar (3564 words)

Not many warnings, surprisingly. Huh.
For those curious, my assumption in this fic is that the divergent point in the 'Mirror' universe occurred far in Earth's past and led to an aggressive, militant outlook. However, other races developed as they did in the normal universe up until First Contact, a theory which seems supported from the episode 'In a Mirror, Darkly' where the Vulcans approached Earth with apparently peaceful intentions in the opening. (Presuming that the 'Vulcan invasion force' mentioned in that episode was not an invasion source at all, and the idea that it was became Terran propoganda/justification).
I am diverging in that I'm assuming no one ever strayed from Syrranite-logic though – aka Vulcans aren't all bastards.
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