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She is like no one else in the world.  Like no one in the universe.

She lives, she dies.  She is reborn.

Crossing time and space, forever searching, forever moving, forever lost.

Transcendent and ever-present, ephermal and immortal, forever in a second, never in an eternity.

The product of an impossible joining, between the Hybrid, exterior cold as ice, interior an inferno of a thousand supernovas; the Golden Child, the saviour, the protector of worlds; and the Trickster, a being who claimed omnipotence only to be betrayed by his own kind.

She calculates, and restrains herself.  She defends those around her without a thought for herself.  She is Chaos and Order, always parting and never parted.

She is part of this universe, part of all universes, belonging to none, forever and always touching and touched.

T’yeva Collins, she calls herself.

She is my daughter.

She is our daughter.

And she is coming.

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