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Story Notes:

The category is Action/Plot, but this is also really a character study. A test of our favorite dynamic duo's duo-ness. Expect me to beat these guys with angst before I eventually deliver them whole again, but I will bring them back. I promise. 

Author's Chapter Notes:

So...here's a teaser! There will be more to come. Enjoy!

To the untrained eye, Lieutenant Commander Spock stood the way he always did; hands clasped firmly behind his back, spine elongated in that strictly Vulcan posture, emitting a sense of regal calm that he always seemed to give off.

To anyone who knew him better (Nyota and his deceased mother among those few people), the Vulcan was clearly in turmoil. Hidden behind his back his hands were clenched, leaving green, crescent shaped marks on his palms. His eyes darted from object to object and his breaths came too quickly, betraying his restless condition. But the most disturbing symptom he felt was the distractingly human urge to pace.

Glancing down for the two hundred and thirtieth time; he was counting, he allowed his eyes to rest on his Captain's sleeping form. There had been almost no change from 9.76 seconds earlier, when he had last checked - save for a minute change in the man's positioning only his First Officer would pick up. Spock did the closest thing a Vulcan could do to a sigh, releasing the breath he held a little more quickly than strictly necessary.

Eyes wandering again from the man who refused to wake up, Spock searched for a place in the Starfleet hospital room that would be acceptable for meditation.

Then he remembered that he could not meditate; due to the images that would resurface in his mind: hands separated only by two inch glass, forcing two beings miles apart. He would be forced to recall the raw, primal fear that came from watching someone who had become an inherent part of you ripped from your grasp before your eyes.

Someone like James Tiberius Kirk.


Spock turned to acknowledge the nurse who had been assigned to monitor the Captain's, his Captain's, frequencies. "Have you come to deliver new information regarding the state Captain Kirk, nurse?"

The nurse, who looked much like what humans would describe as a "deer in the headlights", shook her head nervously. "N-no, sir. Commander. I came to remind you that the hospital closes to visitors soon."

The Vulcan stood a little less tall, eyes falling to the side. "Yes. If that is all, nurse, as you were."

Nodding slowly, the young woman began to take her leave. Half way to the door, she paused, beginning tentatively, "Dr. McCoy asked me to remind you that the Captain will wake up, sir. He his healing. And when he does come to consciousness, you'll be the first to know."

The Commander raised both eyebrows before finally inclining his head, softly. "Thank you, nurse. I shall keep that in mind. You are dismissed." She nodded in relief before scurrying back to her post.

Spock stayed in the medical bay until his Captain awoke.


Shit, what kind of trouble had he gotten himself into this time?

Jim Kirk groaned at his body's immediate protest at his initial attempt to get up. He settled for opening his eyes.

The first thing he saw was this bastard looming over him with pointy ears who looked like he had about fifty sticks shoved up his ass. Great.

"Hey, officer,"

He struggled to sit up in what looked like a hospital bed.

"I'm sure whatever happened last night was just a big, friendly misunderstanding. So if you could just tell me how much my bond's gonna cost, I might be able to get outta here soon and you can go back to whatever it is you like to - is that a Starfleet uniform? Man, I really fucked up this time, didn't I?"

He offered the (Vulcan? Yeah, this guy was definitely a Vulcan) a weak smile.

For his part, the Vulcan simply raised one eyebrow (wow, was that Deja Vu? I must have really been drunk), as his facial features morphed themselves into what Jim would have called concern, although it was difficult to tell, as this guy seemed the type to be concerned about everything. 

"If this is your attempt at a 'joke', Captain, I can assure you I do not find it humorous. It is, however, good to see you alert, Jim."

Ugh, this guy. How did he know his name? And did he just call him Captain? He must have the wrong idea. Or person. Well, shit.

"Look, pal, I'm sure we could do this forever, but you're obviously just confused. How did you know my name? Who the hell are you, anyway?"

The Vulcan's mouth seemed to hang open for a moment before he answered. "I am Lieutenant Commander Spock, First Officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. You are...our Captain, James Tiberius Kirk."

Jim snorted. "Captain my ass. Good one, though, 'Commander Spock'. Now can you tell me what I did to piss Starfleet off this badly?"

Spock's expression fell, almost like someone had kicked his favorite puppy. Weird reaction for a Vulcan, isn't it? What's with this dude?

"You do not remember."

Chapter End Notes:

Right...cliff hanger! Fear not, there shall be more! 

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