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For April, who bid on me for the AO3 fundraiser. This is dual posted between here and there. She wanted a follow up between Kirk and Spock after STID that led to them confronting their feelings. I set out thinking it could be a first time, but it ended up being a character study, of a sort, and a first kiss and even a cuddle. It is a bit of angsty (mild) fluff (aplenty).

You'll notice I make mention of a sort of emotion exchange during 'the glass scene' and that is because April asked for it, citing the episode in TOS where Spock is able to meld through a door as a premise for this possibility. Because I agree with is plausibility, I decided, yes, that sounds like a brilliant idea and so there you have it. This is the fallout for Jim after he's released from sickbay and realizes that he's not dead and so confessing on his death bed wasn't as fool proof as he'd thought.

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