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Spock traced Jim’s hand as they lay in bed, as he often did after sex. As fulfilling as the act had been for him, he sensed an emotion of a disquieting nature originating from Jim. This was not the first time. Previously, he had assumed it had nothing to do with what they shared together. Now, it had developed into a pattern that suggested something was wrong. “Jim, I sense you are not entirely satisfied with our sexual relations,” Spock said, never one to beat around the bush.

“Spock, no, it’s great,” Jim said immediately, but his tone only confirmed that Jim believed something was lacking. “Don’t worry about it.” He glanced over at Spock with a quick smile.

“I am unconvinced. I know I do not have the experience of your previous partners. If there is a skill you wish for me to improve, I wish for you to tell me.”

“It’s okay. You’re great.”

“Jim. I have no ego to bruise. You need not fear on my account.”

They stared at each other. Jim finally caved a little, his smile dropping off his face. “Don’t worry about it, Spock. I would never trade you for anyone else. Humans are just really illogical.” His tone was a little bitter.

“I am aware of this fact, and I do not see what relevance it has to our discussion. If I wanted a logical partner, I would have looked elsewhere.” Normally such a comment elicited a humorous response, but Jim barely even smiled.

“Just forget it.” Jim got up and dressed in a rather obvious attempt to avoid further discussion.

Sensing dismissal, Spock rose from the bed and put his pants on. With one last puzzled glance at his human partner, he went to his room via their shared bathroom. He knew that happiness was key for a successful relationship with a human. One of the many ways of maintaining that state in one’s partner was providing satisfying sexual relations. He knew that to Jim, a highly sexed individual, it was especially important. Yet, he refused to request what he needed. How could he solve this dilemma without data from the only source he had?

Spock’s eyes settled on his comm. No, he did know someone else who could help. Without further debate, he opened a channel to New Vulcan.

Three minutes and twenty seconds later, his counterpart appeared on screen. “Ah. Mr. Spock.”

“Mr. Spock,” he returned. “I have a question of a personal nature.”

“You are having problems with Jim,” Spock Prime surmised.

“Indeed.” Spock took a deep breath. He did not relish discussing sex with someone other than his partner, but if he couldn’t discuss this with himself, who could he discuss it with? “Jim has become dissatisfied with our sexual relations. He will not tell me how to mend the situation.”

“What, exactly, have you done together so far?”

With great reluctance, Spock bluntly stated the variations of sex he’d partaken in.

“In other words, ‘vanilla’ sex,” Spock Prime concluded.

“I am not familiar with this term,” Spock admitted.

Spock Prime frowned. “Jim and I ran into a similar problem. He desired something humans call ‘kink’ during our activities. However, he believed I would find this behavior illogical to the point that I would end the relationship. He preferred vanilla sex over risking that scenario, which he had envisioned based on false conjecture.”

“He did inform me that “humans are illogical.” However, I had deemed that a nonsensical statement at the time. Perhaps he also desires what you term “kink.” What is it?”

Spock Prime steepled his hands as he thought about the most logical way he could present this. “James Kirk is, above everything else, the captain. He is always in command. It is his nature. It is his talent. It is what he loves.”

Spock unconsciously mirrored Spock Prime’s posture as he listened.

“However, at times, command is a heavy burden: when he has to order someone to risk their lives; when someone dies; when he has to make a hard choice of who to save, when someone else might die. Because of this, he wishes for command to be taken away from him for a time, so he can be relieved of the stress.”

“Starfleet is not in the habit of allowing the Captain and First Officer to switch their positions at will,” Spock objected. “Additionally, I have no desire for command.”

“You misunderstand,” said Spock Prime. “What he desires, does not involve official channels or designations. I believe you are familiar with the human tendency to indulge in fantasy?”

“I am,” said Spock, confused.

“That is essentially what kink is. It is often a fantasy carried out through roleplay during sex.”

“Jim wishes me to assume the dominant role during sex?” questioned Spock. “I have penetrated him before.”

“Being dominant, in this case, is more than being on top,” said Spock Prime.

“I do not understand.”

Spock Prime then, very patiently, outlined the kinds of behaviors that his own Jim welcomed with great enthusiasm. They concluded it was likely this Jim was the same.

“Very well,” said Spock. “I will discuss this matter with him.”

“Spock,” said Spock Prime, with a devious glint. “I suggest that in this case, actions speak louder than words. If you wish to bring him maximum pleasure, it is best facilitated with as little discussion involved as possible. As a touch telepath with permission to read him, you will know whether he is enjoying it or not.”

“The idea has merit,” Spock admitted. While he still did not quite understand why Jim would want this, he believed he would find the activity engaging and challenging. He was not unaffected by the ideas his counterpart had put in his mind.

“Then, good luck,” said Spock Prime. He cut their connection.

Spock served his duty shift on the Bridge, his counterpart’s words spinning in his mind, along with his official task of mapping the nebula. Quite routine and uneventful. Quite the right time to launch his plan.

He waited until Jim had settled into his cabin before he began his atypical behavior, or “roleplay” as his older self had termed it. First he entered Jim’s quarters without buzzing first. While he was welcome to come in anytime whether Jim was there or not, he never had done so without first announcing his presence. Without breaking stride, he continued striding assertively towards his partner, who was sitting at his desk.

“Ah, Spock,” Jim greeted with a smile, rising out of his chair. “How about we – “

Spock grabbed his shoulder and spun him so his back was pressed to his desk.

Jim flung out his hands to catch himself. “Spock?” he questioned, his eyes widening. A tingle went through him at the dark look on Spock’s face.

Spock had planned the whole encounter from start to finish, so he did not hesitate as he pulled off Jim’s shirt without a word. Though confused, Jim did not resist as Spock divested him of his pants and underwear as well, so that he was nude.

“Get on the bed,” said Spock, though Jim barely had room to move.

“Make me,” said Jim, glaring at him defiantly.

Spock paused, reading Jim’s emotions through his touch. Though it was a rather confused tangle, he discerned that Jim did indeed desire Spock to ‘make’ him. “Very well.” In all their previous encounters, Spock had held back his strength as much as possible, believing that Jim would prefer that. Now, however, he used it to full effect. With a condescending quirk of his brow he hefted Jim over his shoulder and walked to the bed. Jim’s ‘struggles’ were quite fruitless, as Spock held both of Jim’s wrists easily in one hand, and he was quite unaffected by his kicking as well. When they arrived, Spock tossed him on the bed as if he weighed no more than a Terran kitten.

With a wild light in his eyes, Jim immediately moved to leap off the bed, but Spock was faster. He dove over him, pinning him down with his heavier weight, and grabbed the human’s wrists. Transferring them again to one hand, he removed a pair of cuffs from his pocket. Jim attempted to buck him off, but Spock was too heavy to lift beyond a few scant inches. His eyes widened and he stilled when he saw the cuffs. Seizing the opportunity, Spock snapped one end around Jim’s left wrist and threaded the empty cuff through the headboard. Jim resumed his ‘struggle’ but Spock recaptured his other hand and secured it as if Jim had no more strength than an infant.

Jim jerked against the bonds, but they did not budge a millimeter. Between them and Spock’s body on top of him, he was quite trapped. His breathing sped up, his pupils blown. They stared intently at each other. Spock noted that Jim was entering something his counterpart had described as ‘headspace.’ The feelings he received through their touch confirmed this. He’d never experienced anything like it, but Jim appeared to have reached a level of ecstasy that had been missing from their previous encounters. Success. Emboldened, Spock proceeded to the next step. He had been informed that verbal enforcement of their situation would increase Jim’s pleasure. “I will have you. I have no interest in your protests.”

Jim made an indiscernible noise that sounded vaguely like “guh.”

Spock shoved his right leg roughly between Jim’s, though he was mindful not to touch Jim’s rock hard erection. Then he rose to a kneeling position, undoing his pants just enough to get his cock out. He did not remove his clothes. With one hand, he pinned Jim’s other leg to the bed, and with the other, he slicked himself thickly. Jim watched him with glassy, ecstatic eyes and a heaving chest.

Usually, Spock opted to loosen Jim manually, but this time, he chose a more dominant approach. Using the hand he’d lubricated himself with, he touched Jim’s psi points and ordered his rectal muscles to completely relax and remain so for the next several minutes, outside of Jim’s control. Feeling this, Jim’s breathing picked up and his cock jerked.

Without further delay, he grabbed Jim’s legs and hoisted them as far up and apart as he sensed was comfortable, and pushed himself in all the way. Jim let out a sound that was half groan, half whine as he struggled against the restraints. “You are not going anywhere until I have finished with you,” Spock informed him, and Jim’s cock jerked again, his ecstasy rising to a new level. He began thrusting.

Though Jim’s muscles were completely relaxed, he was still tight enough to provide Spock with satisfaction. Indeed, he found having Jim at his mercy to be quite stimulating. He shifted so he was just barely grazing Jim’s prostate. He normally wasn’t able to draw things out this way, since Jim usually forced more direct contact, but now that he had the advantage in the situation, he could.

“Spock,” pleaded Jim, squirming, seeking more direct stimulation, but Spock firmly held him in place, denying him. He again let out the half moan, half whine, and broke into a sweat as he continued to squirm ineffectually.

“Your pleasure is mine to grant,” Spock stated. He watched in fascination as Jim’s cock jerked yet again. He’d never incited that reaction with mere words. His chest filled with a rather unVulcan feeling of satisfaction.

After a few more minutes, Spock decided to have mercy on him, and connected with his prostate with a solid, powerful thrust. Jim keened in surprise, curling in on himself slightly. Spock believed that if Jim had not been so thoroughly restrained, he would have jerked upwards to a considerable height. He used his full strength only two more times before Jim came with another keening cry. Flooded with Jim’s ecstasy, he did not even need to thrust again before coming himself. He did not remove himself right away, as he usually did, opting to keep himself sheathed for the time being. He did, however, lower Jim’s legs to the bed and let go of him, signaling the end of the roleplay. He shifted his knees underneath Jim’s ass, supporting him with them instead.

Jim blinked tears out of his eyes as he stared at Spock. “Where did that come from? How… how did you know?”

“I found your dissatisfaction disquieting,” Spock admitted. “I consulted my counterpart for advice. He suggested that perhaps you wished for this, as his counterpart did, but refrained from requesting it because you believed I would find it illogical and repulsive. I assure you, I hold no such objections. We may commence this activity anytime you wish.”

“Spock,” said Jim. “Let me… let me out of the cuffs.”

Spock removed the key from his pocket and quickly freed him. Jim pushed himself up and wrapped his arm around Spock, their lips meeting. They parted, and Jim brought his hands up to trace Spock’s eyebrows. “Spock, sometimes I just can’t believe you’re real,” Jim said, too blissed out to care how that sounded.

Spock found that rather nonsensical, so he did not respond directly. “I was informed our roleplaying behavior is referred to as being ‘kinky.’ Are there any other kinks you desire that I should be made aware of?”

Jim smiled a large, glowing grin. “Spock,” he said fondly. “This is good for now. But, if I do have any more, I will tell you this time. I swear.”

“Very well,” Spock agreed, before lifting Jim slightly and pulling out of him. He completely dropped his previous dominant demeanor, and resumed his usual polite diffidence as he fixed his pants. He recalled his counterpart’s words about how avoiding discussion beforehand added to the pleasure of it. “How will I know you desire roleplay? Is it permissible to read you for this purpose?”

“Of course, Mr. Spock,” Jim said, sensing the change and reasserting his command presence. “Anytime you wish.”

“Agreed.” Spock, remembering, reached up to Jim’s psi points and restored his control. Then he dropped his hand. “Am I dismissed, Captain?” It seemed important to show respect after what he’d just done.

“Dismissed, Commander. Don’t be a stranger,” Jim returned with a grin.

Spock’s brow quirked at the idiom, but left for his quarters obediently through their shared bathroom. He would return later to sleep. For now, he had reports to finish.

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