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Story Notes:

I have been horribly, horribly influenced by Pamdizzle with her explosion of filks lately, and I wanted to show her the scars on my poor Muse!

Author's Chapter Notes:

Spock writes a letter to his parents while attending Starfleet Academy.  You HAVE to be familiar with the old song, "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah" in order to appreciate this.

Lady Amanda, Sire Sarek

I am writing from Starfleet Barracks

I am Vulcan as you raised me,

But the other children teased and hazed me.


I am smart, I seek knowledge,

I shall not fit in at Vulcan college.

I bleed green, and I think logic,

But I have a yen to study cosmologic.


I do study, I go labbing

And I avoid useless blabbing.

Raising eyebrow, shrugging shoulder

Others expect aliens to be much colder.


I am exposed to Human failings

Anger, laughter, crying, wailing

Mother, Father, please believe me

It takes extensive meditation to relieve me.


Honored Parents, I respect you,

As your son I know that I reflect you.

I take my place in this Universe

Human, Vulcan, both or neither, that is my curse.


The time has come to graduate

I stand alone, I face my fate.

You know my independence is hard won

At night look to the stars and see your son.

Chapter End Notes:

I apologize to the entire Universe for making this shit up!

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