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Spock scratched his beard.  He stared at the viewscreen and asked impassively, “Any survivors?”

“Two life forms, sir, both… humanoid,” reported Chekov from the science station behind Spock.

“Human?” asked Spock.

“No, sir” said Chekov, peering into his viewer.

Spock waited, seething.  Chekov’s inefficiency constantly irritated him, even though he did not show it.

“One Deltan, one…. Romulan!” exclaimed Chekov.

The bridge crew all looked delighted, and Sulu licked his lips.

“Put a tractor beam on the shuttle,” said Spock, “Commander Sulu, you have the con.”

“Should I alert the Captain, sir?” asked Sulu, his hand hovering over the communications link as he sank into the centre chair.

“No,” said Spock sharply, and left the bridge, his Vulcan body guard following.

Uhura giggled, “He seemed keen.”

Sulu sneered, “A Deltan, that’s not so interesting… but a Romulan?” he whistled, “No wonder he wants to get to them before the Captain wakes up.”

Chekov noted, “He did not ask whether they were male or female.”

Sulu looked puzzled and swung around to frown at Chekov, “Since when has that ever been a concern for Mr Spock?”

Chekov laughed, then turned back to his viewer.  Sulu gazed at Uhura for a moment, but she glared at him and he turned back to the main view screen, “Increase power to tractor beam.  We don’t want to keep Mr Spock waiting, do we?”

Spock emerged from the turbo lift in the corridor which led to the entrance to the shuttle bay, but when he saw who was waiting for him he stopped.

Jim Kirk’s hostile eyes studied him, “Expecting someone, Mr Spock?”

“Prisoners, sir,” said the Vulcan tersely, moving again to stand loosely at ease before the Captain.

Kirk leaned forward and tapped Spock gently on the nose, “And what do Empire regulations say about bringing prisoners aboard a constellation class vessel such as this?”

“That all due precautions against sabotage should be taken,” said Spock impassively.

Kirk ran his icy fingers down the side of Spock’s neck, caressing the artery there and feeling the pulse thrumming rapidly through it, “And what else?”

“That the Captain should be notified of all such prisoners before they are brought aboard, sir,” Spock was tense now.

Kirk allowed his hand to trail down the side of Spock’s neck, then brought it back up under Spock’s chin, tilting the Vulcan’s head up and sighing, “Beautiful.  Such aristocracy…” he huffed a laugh, “ … and such family money.  I’d fuck you tonight, if I thought that would bring me any of it.”

Spock froze, staring at the ceiling above and behind Kirk, “My father is not a fool, Kirk.  You would not get a credit.”

Kirk sighed and said, “Yes,” then released the Vulcan, “So.”

“So, one Deltan, one Romulan life form, sir.  I would move back, we do not know what to anticipate.”

Kirk licked his lips, “Romulan?  Male or female?”

“Unknown,” responded Spock absently, adjusting his phaser settings to a slightly higher level so that the ‘stun’ mechanism would be effective against Romulans.

Kirk chuckled, “Oh, God, only you.  Anyone else would have asked.”

“It did not concern me.”

Kirk chuckled, and turned to face the door, raising his phaser to point it at whoever came through it, “Dibs on the Romulan.”

Spock leaned over and whispered, “There is a Deltan with the Romulan.  We may have a fight on our hands.”

“All the better.”

Spock was leaning close to Kirk, and he breathed in the familiar scent of the man beside him.

“Stop.  Sniffing.  Me.” sizzled Kirk.

“You smell like an animal,” whispered Spock, and Kirk’s phaser wobbled for a second before he gritted his teeth and braced himself to shoot whatever it was that was going to come through the door.

Kirk whispered viciously back, “Well, they’d better pray they end up in your quarters tonight, Mr Hygiene, hadn’t they?”

Spock breathed in again, but just then the doors to the main hangar deck burst open.



A short man with a mop of sandy blonde hair and intensely blue eyes burst out through the door, barrelling into Kirk… and was neck pinched for his troubles.  A wail followed, after which a tall, sable haired Romulan came flying out the door in some sort of black cloak, and threw himself down beside the Deltan, then turned worried eyes up to Kirk and Spock, “What have you done to him?”

The dark haired man had sea-green eyes, slanted up slightly at the outer corners, which marked him as a Romulan.  Kirk and Spock stared entranced… the rest of him looked just as alien, from his exceptional height, to his pale angular limbs and body, pale, angled face and delicately pointed ears.

“He’s just stunned,” answered Kirk, being careful to load his voice with disdain.

The strange man looked up at Kirk, his eyes unreadable, “Do you plan to kill us?”

“Oh, no,” smiled Kirk, and the Romulan looked hopeful, until Kirk added conversationally, “First we’re doing to torture you and… a few other things.  Then we’ll kill you.”

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