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Author's Chapter Notes:

For the poem war lol


Songs of Whore!Jim In A Minor


Fucking other humans, is nice enough,

But similar bodies did grow boring.

I wanted a change from the same old stuff,

And so it began. Captain’s log: Whoring.


The first Deltan I ever fucked was bought,

And he thought himself a lady killer.

But when I put him on my human cock,

He became a premature jizz spiller.


Not long after, on an away mission,

I met with the Klingon’s Ambassador.

And here I will speak my log’s omission,

He rode me like a seasoned commodore.


But alas our alliance was cut short,

Opposing factions we were and still are.

And so I moved on to a neutral sort,

An Orion slaver who set the bar.


With the aid of a pheromone suppressor,

He was a willing victim to my charm.

And more a sub than an aggressor,

I fisted him all the way up my arm.


When we parted ways, he was in the brig,

Of a certain Romulan Captain’s ship.

For my assistance she offered my twig,

A succulent kiss from her alien lips.       


The warmth of her mouth on me--exquisite.

Prodding fingers at my hole and I came.

But her face, her smile, I did not see it.

My voice escaped but for a name, his name.


I had approached him shyly with my plea,

But alas I couldn’t be more satisfied.

As I tilt my hips and display my need,

My Vulcan’s cock is slipping deep inside.


And so my whoring ways end, computer,

And I succomb happily to my fate.

And since there is no Pon Farr recruiter,

My libido makes me the perfect mate.

Chapter End Notes:




Oh jeezz...LOL

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