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I rest here, not meditating, lost in thought

With thoughts not as disciplined as they ought

To be, pondering on the depth, the warmth,

The extraordinary fascination that is your heart.


I turn it over from every angle in my mind,

Breathe in and close my eyes, until I find

That I can sense it there before me, beating

Loud and pure in my ear, my defences defeating


Rapid-fire beat, loud and strong

Each pulse of sound, sure and long.

Unlike my own too-rapid beat

Which stems from Vulcan heat.


Yours is slow and steady, in my ear,

Casting aside all doubt, all fear.

My nostrils flare as I sense you are near

And I feel the heart beat that is so dear.


And suddenly, an epiphany makes me inhale

As I realise that I would not be capable

Of surviving without your heart next to mine

As though it has been there… for all time.


I stir in our bed, and you look up and beguile

Me as I see your heart in your eyes

With an openness that truly belies

Your strength, your heart, your smile.


And for once I let myself smile

That you have so openly shown me

This heart of yours, beating all the while

Your heart… all I need to breathe, to be.

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